Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Millionaire and Slumdog

“Shrill why do you have to think so much.Get a life!!”
Seriously that’s what many friends tell me but I would agree with Sheldon(from Big Bang theory) and Einstein. I fail to understand why should I not be using that 1.2 kgs of gray matter which is so underutilsed in all of us. Only 10% in an average human being .
So here I ruminate.
When I see little kids selling diyas on the eve of Diwali I am forced to think “What a paradox!!” I am in a country where even the poorest of the poors worship the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi on the eve of diwali and yearn for fortune..Is God listening?
I wont rattle out the figures of economic disparity in India which is are at an all time high.Stats are here.No wonder this week newspaper columns have been writing
so much on whether the ostentatious,luxurious and some like Mr.Mani Shankar Aiyar who have been calling it “vulgar” expenditure that cannot be justified in the form of Formula one races. As Mr. Shankar and the like minded put it, there is a greater India that needs that amount of money just to be alive while the rich indulge in their entertainment. Right or not I wont remark as my last post was on the futility of debates…But the fact that each time we see a poor child begging..aren’t we not filled with a bit of guilt? God..what have I done to deserve this good a life?
Inherently we all like to see,read and tell our kids success stories where people have carved their niche, out of their sheer mettle.We all get that inner joy when we see someone going from rags to riches.If we are rich we will be infused with sympathy..If we are poor we will have a certain degree of empathy.
So as the nation exults in the victory of Mr. Sushil Kumar winning 5 crores, I have penned down a few lines in hindi keeping in mind the last 7 days.
 समय तो एक ही है,भगवान भी एक ही है
 पर कहीं एक तरफ दीवाली है तो दूसरी तरफ दीवाला है..
 पूजा के मन्त्र भी एक ही हैं,विधि भी एक ही है..
 पर कहीं एक तरफ सोने की लक्ष्मी है, तो दूसरी तरफ दिया भी नही जल पाया है..
 दिन भी वही है,दिनांक भी वही है
 पर कही एक तरफ घी के हज़ार लड्डू हैं,तो दूसरी तरफ बताशा भी ना चढ़ पाया है..
 देश भी एक ही है..दुनिया भी एक ही है
 पर कहीं F1 देखा जाता है..,तो दूसरी तरफ दूरदर्शन भी नही आता है..
संख्या भी एक ही है और सत्ता भी एक ही है
.. पर कहीं 5 करोड़ बस हाथो की मैल है..तो कहीं KBC ही एक आशा है...
 समय तो एक ही है,भगवान भी एक ही है
 पर कहीं भाग्य विधाता है और कहीं भाग्य विदा हो जाता है...