Saturday, December 23, 2006

Newton's Ring...

First things First

*This blog of mine has nothing to do with NEWTON though I love apples and am craving for an AppleI-Pod.
*I am no SCIENTOLOGY follower though I had nursed a crush on Tom Cruise.
*I am not engaged as yet, my RING finger is still empty.

Circa November2006.It was a week before the 1st end semester exams of my B.Engg. were to start, and I had been sleeping, drinking, eating, walking and talking only Newton’s ring.(a 2-3 page text in the chapter of Optical physics)
While my other hostel mates were busy delving into other extraneous subjects I was stuck up being fascinated by Newton’s ring.
Friends would ask, "how much is done for exams? ","Hey shrill, what are you studying right now?"
My resounding reply would boom in their ears "Newton’s ring, fellas."
One day a friend took pity on me and said"It shouldn’t take you so long after all its just a 3 page long text,should I help you?"
I simply No-thanked her.
.Now how on earth could I explain my new friends what a procrastinator I am!!
Not that the text needed too many grey cells to be charged,in order to comprehend its meaning.
I was just not getting ahead with it.....uuuuhhhmmmm…..
No, It (read:the text) was not getting ahead with me….probably so because I am a forced believer in the Parkinson’s law….What’s that???..
1)the observation that work always expands to fill the time set aside for it.
2)work will take as much of time as you give it.
If you thought the above meanings were too..euphemistic and obscure..
To be simple
3)not that good at time management.
Alluding to the above explanation..I had been thinking for quite some time to launch my blogsite(ooohhh!!doesn’t it sound oomphy??…...naaaa.….), until I read an article in the newspaper saying how the junta is being smitten by the blog bug,and how people get addicted to it…,how netizens develop an insanity over it…..
I thought …neither do I blog,nor do I get addicted to it and insanity will definitely be at bay(I must add I am a proud Ranchitte and the mental asylum is pretty far from my place.)

Circa December2006.I was getting bugged with life during my semester breaks(trust me too…much of feasting at times leads to burn out…) I started gazing at Blogosphere and after reading some awesome blogs written by an avid blogger...All it did was, rekindled the “I wanna blog too...” instincts in me.
Then I got obsessed with the contents of my inaugural blog,blogsite’s name,blog title and subtitle…
I would spend hours in my balcony thinking about it, thinking about it at the lunch and dinner table,during my siestas…very much like Newton’s Ring.This time Mom would quiz me,"What happened dear,you seem so lost,everything ok??”..
So many blogsite names got coined in my mind…e.g.paradoxical princess, rambling raconteur,clandestine confessions, ….until I went nuts with names as Cercopithecoid(a supposedly intelligent monkey),
and lymphadenopathy(a morbid illness)….
Then a friend suggested “why don’t you go for something simpler?”….
It took a split second for me to come with something as simple as SHRILL VOICES(pun intended)
So here I am …


Anonymous said...

seems like u really have nothing to do....just replace blog in blogging by jog...i bet u will lose lots(jst kiddin)...ur blog was great...keep going young lady..all d bst....

megha said...

hey dear just tell me who offered to help you out with newton's rings???any ways was impressed by ur sense of humour..dint know the gloomy atmosphere at h-8(ist year gals hostel at bit-mesra)during the exams cud do some gud..way to go !!!!!!!!!

Pallav said...

well all i can say dat quite like me:
1) u hav enuff time to waste
2)u hv been bitten by d physics bug n
3)u r REALLLLY good at procrastination, cuz me also spent a lot of time jus thinkin(not study related) durin d exam break too,..... gud 2 c sum1 in d same boat but yeah really nice prsnl blog n well wat can i say welcum to blogosphere!

priya said...

so finally m here.....yes dear finally i read ur blog....wish i was d first one 2 do so.....newaz..
ur blog remimded me of evry1 from jug suraiya,nikhat kazmi,priya pathiyan to bachi karkaria and many more.....i think u got remimded me of TOI.....xpected both of us being TOI addicts.....mindblowig dear.....way 2 go sweeto!!....and trust me even newton will be impresd.....i think i will go back nd read newton's ring once again nd sit with it 4 a few more days dan u did.....hope it inspires me 2 do sumthing equally gud....just kidding....wanna write a lot more but den......luv

ankhuri said...

hey sneha..finally read ur blog..n trust me twas really gud..v all did know bout ur obsession bout newton's ring..jus wondering who dared offer help..newez dat ws a lvly effort..keep going..

ankhuri said...

hey sneha..finally read ur blog..n trust me twas really gud..v all did know bout ur obsession bout newton's ring..jus wondering who dared offer help..newez dat ws a lvly effort..keep going..

saurabh said...

Nice post Shrill.
Well as fellow blogger I have few things to say:

1: You blog well, keep doin it.
2: Unlike conventional , cliche media blog is something which is run & read by intelligent monkeys ( I forgot the word the used for that tough). So its perfectly ok to write about Newton's ring here.

vidhyaa said...

A good beginning to good blogging.
It was nice to read your post.
Your whimsical writing makes your posts interesting.Looking forward to more posts from you.

Lakshmi said...

you just immortalised what we all did with great disdain...

on second thoughts, an insult to a lucasian professor, don't you think? not by us, by the esteemed BIT physics department. that said from my 'apple' comp; dear me, now you can write the da ranchi code using all these puns (okay, i'll try better next time)

vish4uall said...

hey great entrance into d world of bloggers........mine was pretty pathetic on ILand :O...... and yes the Your luv wid newtons ring shuddered fear into was given to me in ma physics prac exam in 1st year and i can confidently say i had not left any possible ways of screwing the viva......may be newton ring never rang into ma mind....... :O

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Shaswat said...

The mention of Newton's rings and an Apple device reminds of the way the two are connected, where the principle is used for surface quality assurance of the gleaming devices ! Nice blog :-)