Saturday, February 25, 2012

Holy Shit!

Okay so writers can write about any shit!Just like India TV covers any shit!That’s when I thought why not blog “shit!”
Shit is a word so commonly used that for a long time I didn’t know what shit meant.I thought it was the english counterpart of the Hindi “Bhak!”,a mere expression.One day while I was standing in the assembly queue and a white slimy matter fell on my head;my teacher came up to me and  said, “Girl go clear away that shit!”
I said “No Madam this is bird’s potty”
“Argh..shit is a better word for it girl,look up the meaning of shit in your oxford dictionary”I must have been in class 4 or 5 then .

  So a girl trips over her heel and discovers she has stepped on cow’s shit and there she exclaims “Oh,Shit!”
Guy sees that hot girl at the traffic signal and once the light turns green, “Oh shit man! She’s gone”

   Thinking about its origin ,both shit and poop are  Onomatopoeia . Yet they sound so different. Now that’s some “shit for thought”!

Well in our country isn’t shit the most ubiquitous word.Well you see,smell,hear  “shit” everywhere.I mean that with a pun.
And here is a guy who sheds some more light on it.
Meet Mr. Toilet 

But what makes our country so special apart from the huge amount of shit we generate is the way we do it.We ought to take some pride in it.Here read this to know the health benefits of the Indian squat toilet,before you install a new western one.It was laid out in Manusmriti.
 I am sure the toilet table will turn someday! The west has to learn more than just yoga from us.

What I find really disconcerting is why do we need to be all shy about attending the nature’s call?
Why keep it all hush,hush! Of course  people can be celibates but not shit-libates. As Nike’s swoosh says “Just do it!”
If there are times  that  remind  us of the fact that we are but animals,it  is  in times  like these .The time when pressure and stress takes a toll on us! 
Imagine little kids sheepishly asking their teachers “Madam,please can I goto Toilet” and Madam saying "Not,now"
Take a look at this  picture.George W Bush writes to Condoleeza Rice to let him go on a loo break.

If you think I am lying go here.

On the contrary there is a lesson Umpire Dickie Bird has left for us.During a test match at Old Trafford between England and West Indies he urgently wanted to go to the toilet and so stopped the match saying to the players, "I’m very sorry, gentlemen, but nature calls". He then ran off to the toilet to the amusement of the players and a tremendous roar from the crowd.

The Thinker by August Rodin 


Could have been one of those STINKERs who spend hours thinking and shitting in the toilet!

Now if you excuse me but I gotto hurry too!


Rimjhim said...

i was so enjoying reading ur blog but Oh shit it just ended!!
excellent Writing!!

vivid_dreamz said...

hahahahaahaa.. hillarious!! Keep up the good shiting , oh sry writing!!:P

apoorva g. jha said...

hahaha...nice one...btw watch south park season 5 episode 1 "It hits the fan" will love it after this

funky-philosopher said...

u've addressed an important issue here :) interesting write-up for sure, esp d starting!! even our biology lessons put equal emphasis on all living process, so y not excretion! ive to come to know of a lot of indirect benefits of shit aftr doing studies on dry-toilet concepts n all! socially n environmentally significant topic it really is :)