Tuesday, May 1, 2012


When I googled to find out if there was a word “de-networking”,I found nothing close to the meaning I wanted to imply .
The word I coined is analogous to the word  “de-friending” only that instead of removing a friend from an online social network you remove yourself from the social network.
While I was very active on the social networking forum sharing articles and pieces I found interesting, a considerable number of my friends were deactivating their accounts.They were on a sabbatical as they referred to it.They had had enough of timeline cacophony or probably realised the drudgery of peeping into people’s lives and wanted to go far from the madding crowd and wanted some amount of soul searching.
Well,I had tried some regulation myself.On advice of a friend I downloaded the app “stay focused” that would block facebook (on my chrome browser)after a default time.
However on weekends I would bypass it and sheepishly check into facebook through IE,but at the end up signing out equally fast as IE stood for Inept Experience .I dont  carry a smart phone so apps got less on to me.

  One fine day I decided that I had had enough of it.Why should I get photographed just for the sake of profile pictures? Why should I vent my spleen and unleash emotions over my wall on facebook? Why show  my brooding highbrow side to people on  facebook?Why “share” things with people?Why look into what my ex crushes are upto? Why come to know who is marrying whom and where they are  headed off for honeymoon? Why come to know who has bought which car?Why come to know which movie is worth watching? Why rely on facebook birthday updates and why on earth wish them in the most cheapest way by writing “Happy Birthday” on their walls?Why accept friend requests from people I barely know?
Thank God! I de-networked.It has given me time for a lot of great things I had always loved to do but never found time for.
I work at office.I work out after office.Do my yoga.I meet friends in person.I read a book.I cook at times.I paint.I learn music.I am clearly more focussed. I realise life is more than flashy clothes and vacations in Europe.In short I am contented and extremely happy.
Damn! But how do I get to let you guys know how happy I am.I cannot share this article on facebook.Well I have not taken a resolution to quit facebook.I am just on a break and will be back when I have had enough of social solitude.


Manish Kumar said...

You can remain focused even while using a social networking site. It depend how u use it and what benefits you are getting from it. If the balance is in the negative then leave it. And I hope that's the reason u have taken a break from it.

But I want to add that happiness is an inner state of mind.I am not too sure whether being in or out of a social network has anything to do with it.

Atul Prasad said...

Hahahaha.. Good Work.. :D

All the best.

nadu said...
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nadu said...

Does blogging count as "Social Networking" eh? ;)

A couple of articles in the same vein -

Is Facebook making us lonely?

No it isn't

kngoswami said...

".....Damn! But how do I get to let you guys know how happy I am."

eggjactly :)!!

Saurabh Khadke said...

From a person who has been there and done that, believe me you will be back one day :-) But it is important that people go through a period of 'social solitude' as you call it. It is in this period that you realise that all this sharing has its purpose and limitations. Like everything else in life social networking can be beneficial when done in moderation.

funky-philosopher said...

n so.. u're "re-networked" now :)