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I had started this sequence long back when I was about to leave college.Last chapter of this series, always remained incomplete and here I am ready to complete it with a special thank you to friends with whom I bonded closely in my final year. As the very special Ladakh trip saw me visiting them again I just decided that I had to thank them .

Vivek: Had it not been for his nudging I would never have written this piece. The guy who hates being called a “khatta” despite being one ;is one of those sweet and decent guys girls want to be friends with. That may be his deepest regret,as he hates being called sweet. His friends call him “core” . I don’t know really know why,but probably he was involved in the core committee of some event in the first year.
The guy is an emotional poet.He contributed a lot on LAN.He has probably screened every series,that released in the US and UK.A Poets Of The Fall fan.I remember in college most of our conversations would be on HOUSE MD and debates on “why gaming is bad”. Vivek would ask me for a treat each time I was in the vicinity of the college canteen and obstinate as I was I never bowed to his request.A geek who knew about every software released and  would pay deadly attention in class(at the prof).He is quite a chatterbox and is very close to his family about whom he mentions a lot. This guy has always tried to make me feel how Jamshedpur is the best place to be in ,but I am yet to see how and why.
Together Ritwik and Vivek made a deadly combo that would be a talking machine. Ritwik and I played Name passes that was more or less Antakshari with names of places. He would always end up giving me names of places that had to start with Y or X. Apparently he had memorised a lot of names of places in China . Ritwik would buy all junk aloo bhujia and chips but would never share it with any one as MONKEY D LUFY had to wake up at wee hours and consume it while playing DOTA .  He is one of those guys who can go on about any damn topic on earth and speak no end. It has always been amazing fun talking to him.Rits also has this knack of teasing you at the most inappropriate times in the most inappropriate ways. Together Vivek and Ritwik were always armed with gossip that could set houses on fire. Ritwik and vivek would fight so often on the slightest issues and remain cold to each other for months. Though Ritwik is stinking rich he hardly ever let us know.
This guy left Ferguson college for a college in Jharkhand. Why?

KP: KP’s whereabouts can be gauged miles away from his epicentre.Yes that is his vibration level. Though friends have always teased him for his loud(read: shrill) voice he has never taken things to heart. KP is one guy who will be perpetually with full cash doling out money for everyone in the canteen. He would prove to be an advisor for most of his friends especially female friends. His phone would always be abuzz with calls from all around the world.You could see him discussing all kinds of strategies of AOE and DOTA in the canteen table over a piece of paper.He is one proud Bihari loved by all his friends.
Isha: So this mechanigal was one of the most cool women.When I would hurry for class and leave she would wake up with her toothbrush. As for the day she would remain asleep.Always sleepy during exams she would panic till the last time saying she  had hardly read anything. pronto ! She would rank 2 or 1 in exams. A sharp brain with definitely spectacled  eyes and lovely locks. Her nocturnal delights included watching series and staying awake.Her room would be in perpetual chaos. Isha would be a constant companion whenever I wanted to go around the college gallivanting in search of food.An energetic dancer . This confused girl from Ambala is now doing super cool nuclear science.
Alpana: Alps and I could go on and on about movies,books,places,nature,feminist policies and all life in general.An avid photographer,Alpana got us special permission from the warden when we wanted to explore forbidden areas around the college.She introduced me to the college’s den,something I had missed in the 3 years of college life,”the sharmaji samosa and chai”. Alps and I volunteered together for the training and placement cell and I must say she is very good at whatever she does which  includes being a gold medallist in civil engg.  and a YIF scholar .
Susmita: A foodie,a passionate architect Susmita was this constant walker who loved to go on long walks and I got to share her company a few times. Her knowledge and passion for small and big things has always fascinated me.

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