Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monica Oh My Darling

So how many of us turn to the Sitcom Friends for respite.
If there is one series that will be talked about like Leonardo Da Vinci’s MonaLisa in ages to come It has to be Friends.
I request the  script writers Marta Kauffman and David Crane to write  it out in a papyrus and put it in vacuum bottles and throw them in sea, send them on moon and rest thrown away at  Paris.(near the tombs of hot models;people are bound to find it)Though my favourite character is Phoebe Buffet but if I can totally connect with someone in  Friends  it is Monica.

  Oh yes we were both overweight when in school.Monica had earned the epithet of “Big Fat Goalie”. Remember when Ross(Monica’s brother) reveals that she caused their parents' porch swing to break; it had been previously thought that a hurricane had broken it. Ross tells that after being sent to bed without dinner one night, Monica tried to eat the macaroni glued to her jewelry box.  I remember as a child when I resembled what even my teacher called "baby elephant" ,my cousin got me sweets and I jumped out of joy at the sight to break a bed .At night when my parents would go off to sleep I would sneak and steal cookies and cakes.
      Oh yes I want my  place spick and span.The first thing that came to my mind when I shifted to my own apartment was no TV,no sofa but a vacuum cleaner. Monica calls her dry cleaner  her Disneyland.
      Oh yes I like elderly brawny men(read: Arjun Rampal) just as she likes Richard.
     Oh yes I have always believed in the Japanese 5s methodology and so does Monica. She categorizes towels into 11 sections, examples being "everyday use," "fancy," "guest," and "fancy guest."I do that in 5. Masalas labelled in my kitchen just as Monica has her spoons labelled.To know more about 5s method
    Oh  yes I am a workout freak and like Monica I have coaxed quite a lot of friends to try it out. Here too most of our friends have not matched our standards and both Mon and I have given up on our friends.
      Oh yes I am damn careful about the money I spend.I am too good at bargaining and hate to be duped. “I KNOW” is my favourite catchphrase too.
I love my possessions and hate losing them to anybody just as Monica. Remember how she refuses to lend any of her ear rings to Rachel because she misplaces them always. I am very smart in asking my possessions back when I’ve lent it. I have always been like that.In class 5 when we had to frame a sentence on idioms.
A friend of mine wrote this . Shrill can be a bear with a sore head,if you take away her notebook and don’t return it back to her.
      Oh yes I am hyper excited most of the times and voice can be shrill and piercing as Mon’s.I love to treat friends with my delicacies and playing a host and how dare they say I am bad at it.
      We both have a stickler for time. When Monica becomes Phoebe's wedding planner, she orders the events run on "military time". I always would reach class at time in college and only later would I come to know that it was supposed to be bunked.
        By now you must have realised how self obsessed the two of us are. I will scribble my name in every book and writing pad. Recently I was so self engrossed that I addressed  “Dear Sneha”  on a beautiful card we got to gift  a friend.
        Quirks and idiosyncrasies  are what make people interesting.
        Thanks to all my friends for accepting me the way I am !!
        I’ll be there for you....
P.S "I KNOW" Its not Archies Friendship’s day today.


Unknown said...

u and fat!!!! big surprise fr me :) nice that u can so closely relate to a character

Nadaan Parindey said...
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Nadaan Parindey said...

how can we forgot "Dear Sneha"?

Anonymous said...

I can testify for most of the details mentioned so yeah.. now that u look at it there is a freakish resemblance. :)