Sunday, April 1, 2007


"Wake up" ," Get moving"...Mon's shrill voice pierced through my ears,and i darted out of the bed....looked askance through the window and wondered why on earth was Mon
considering to jog so early...It was still dark outside; then I looked at the alarm clock(the same machine you and I set to buzz ..and still want it never to buzz, and when audaciously does so, slam it on! n then again go back to Zzzzzz..)it was only 2.30.a.m!!
Following her was Maggi, whose words shook the ground beneath my feet..she cried out loud"EARTHQUAKE'S GONNA STRIKE..Run,people!!!".
Well,I got carried the fleeting world of cinema..
The Titanic plot where the sailor sees the iceberg and warns" ICEBERG ,RUN AHOY"..flashed across my inward eye..
Then Day After Tomorrow's climatic catastrophe where the scientist warns people about the snowstorm...and asks them to MIGRATE.
Hmmm..but here were we in BIT where earthquake was being forecast..interesting
I did recollect from the project work i did in geography during school a) earthquakes cannot be predicted 2) usually are nocturnal 3)Ranchi lies in the safe belt region
Nevertheless the 2nd clause was was 2.30 night/morning....whatever..
so some scare was justified.
So,we got the front gate of our hostel opened..and out were we in the cold..under the stars..(rare for gals at BIT).
Each of our hostel inmates was out..some rubbing eyes, some running to get out asap
Frnds advising each other not to stand near electric poles and how to go about doing this ..that..
The Best part being ppl coming out of the hostel with their prized possessions eg.laptops n mobile,GPA cards!!!(not me please)
Fellow Gujju frnz reciting their harrowing anecdotes about the quake that rocked Bhuj...resulting in great number of casualties..and i was left musing..
What if the same happens here too..
Then i appease myself thinkin "Naaa...My horoscope both in HT and TOI predicted the week was gonna be enjoyable..
I could head for a hotel but definitely not a hospital.."
Waiting outside people had started to play songs on their laptops.."Kal ho naa ho","Armageddon"..and other eerie songs.
I wish I had a Laptop then...I would have preached some optimissim by playing "I M ALIVE(celine)","Brand New Day(Sting)"..
After an hour the scene became more of a picnic than a pandemonium...with people relaxin,and laughing at the stupidity who-so-ever ignited the scare..
I bet you wouldn't believe they were the same ,who were running helter skelter a while ago.
Alas!!Leave alone quake not even a tremor was felt..
"Hoax it was"..told our hostel supdt.
And then I went back to my room , slammed the door ,set the alarm to buzz at 7.30am.

N.B:-By now you must have realised that 8.0 stands for my hostel no. and definitely not richter intensity.


megha said...

hmmmmmm...i do agree with u on the wierdness of the whole situ..i was so confused by the combination of the time and the words of mon ..i cudnt actually comprehend the words"earthquake's gonna strike"at 3:30 am(lemme correct ur statistics!!)..and the laptop story was the funniest part of the episode..and i did luv the early morning walk wid u...n nice nomenclatures dear..(mon,maggi!!)nicely presented..

Nishant said...
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Mritunjay said...




-----M.J. 2K6 H4

Saurabh said... a earthquake that nevr existed shook u...good...
besideS NE hAt containin brains within,wil tel the very obvious.ur already more than good enuf in this arena...
nywz,the absolute perfection of ur previous venture remains unassailed....
jst tat tis a culs-de-sac....u'll only move to stratospheric hts wid this.....keep luk.

Pallav said...

well dats true.....
but sadly all d memories of d erthqck incident i had were second hand, coz at dat tym i was fast asleep aftr takin 3 pills to bring down d 103 deg fever i had, nd only remeber wakin up in cold sweat just to see my frnd callin me n dozing off again........
i kick myself even to this day fr missin such a novel experience!
reconfirms one thing though-seeing is believing.....all d more in bit wich is THE place fr startin n publicizing a rumor!
there sure were strange ones rite frm d time they said dat "single fully furnished rooms are to be alloted to students"(qouted directly frm d webpage) to d time they said the birla guy was gonna make rounds of each hostel so the entire hostel gt renovated(worked well fr us though!)
but really the earthquake one really takes d cherry!
wen i tld my frnds outside bout it they all said with equal disconcern "r u dumb!"
........and well u hafta be d presi of the US of A(as seen in most holly flicks bout doom n destruction) or it has to be BIT were u can cause mass hysteria by just a single post on lan!

rabab said...

the earhquake one was really funny. one day when almost the whole of ranchi made a fool of themslves

nidhi said...

Yeah ! remembr the tym when we were moved out of the hstl in the middle of the night in anticipation of an earthquake..Nice 2 c u blogging on this funny episode!! I was waitin desperatly 4 the earthquake 2 shake the grounds of BIT so that I cud retire bak to ma cozy bed to sleep!!hehe..neways the horoscope analogy was really gud..well done again :)