Saturday, August 9, 2008


Even as this movie rakes "not so good" reviews(sorry for the euphemism),I certainly have no interest in naming my blog afer it..
nor am i writing a review on it..

But the only strand that can relate this movie to the blog is the actor...
Each time my Mom sees the poor cute boy on screen she utters sympathetically "poor boy,Miss size 0 dumped him..bad luck!!"
LUCK!and I aver..whose bad luck is my mom worried about ...the cute boy,the Miss size 0 or Chhote Nawab??

celebrities luck apart coming to the real frame....
one sunday morning:3rd aug.2008
Ganesha says by Mr.B. Daruwalla,(Is Mr.B. Daruwalla nicknamed Ganesha??The sole similarity between the deity and his disciple
being their tummy sizes)
This is a week of tensions,worries,unplanned demand and unforeseen expenses.pets children dependents,older relatives will cause need to cope up.your partner too does cavill at pitching in.

exasperated I venture online and make a frantic effort to log on to another(rival) newspaper website with a hope of something better for me in the offing...
eventually the rivalry between the two publishing houses pays off..

Yippey! this one was directly the opposite!
the tree of life an ancient egyptian hieroglyph brings satiety
and pleasure to your life as family and personal relationships come together happily.your family and professional roots are strong and
you could further build upon them with the help of your spouse.Buying and selling is gainful at present.

Come what least bothered,atleast a good horoscope heals like a placebo(physical healing caused due to mental healing)
Provides a feel good factor..
But not in every case..
as an e.g. this guy's case i know who is sick and tired of the falsifying optimism he's pushed into each time he reads his horoscope...
supposed to be a true virgo..he complains how very cliched and untrue horoscopes can they promise him "love in the air,companionship,romantic getaway,
candlelight dinner,happiness and harmony,relationship,spouse support" lined up each week
none of them materialise..
the obvious reason:
he's single,trying and has been waiting since a long time..Good Luck buddy!

And how often have i seen we friends in the hostel pouncing onto a single paper..
No not to see our hearthrobs!not to read comics..Naah!!not to know about the weather report and
definitely not to know about what's going on where...
but to see to what soothsayers have said for us!
one asking the other.."hey!read mine"
The horoscope horror reaches an all time high when there's an exam,viva-voce round the corner..and at times even a scuffle with one's loved one.
Remember the soothsayer warning the mighty Julius Caesar about the Ides(15th) of March!asking him to not step out to senate lest he be killed..

Or the mighty Notradamus predicting doomsday!
Panditji asking Ash to mangle her "manglik" status by undergoing special rituals to ward off the imminent danger from her married life.

Ever tried zapping through breakfast news in the innumerable news channels/radio stations??
in case you havn't.. Do.
because the early morning the news channel has tarot card readers/crystal ball witches
soaked in jarring make up that leaves my aunty wondering"how could they be perfect such a make up early morning"
I jibe.."after all they've got kismet in their hands"

But one fine thing that leaves me amused is numerology..
ok..i am bday falls on 11 th May 19*#
I am a no.2 person according to numerology(as they say 1+1=2).
So how is my current spate of bad-luck gonna change??
i know this is how a numerologist would answer:
since its the 8th month of the year..and your birthday falls on the 5th month i.e may..
so 8-5=3...
wait untill the next month i.e 9th untill it becomes 9-5=4..and things will be just fine..
since 3 is not in accordance with your lucky number 2 so this is a bad time for you..
Had i told him that this month is turning out absolutely fantastic for me..
A numerologist's explanation would be :
absolutely..ur name is shrill..a 6 lettered name.
8th month it is...
so 8-6= 2 your lucky things have to be fine.

Hmmm..does that mean i change my name to shriell(7 lettered) in the coming month??.
so that next month (9-7=2)proves lucky!
I should go ask Suniel(prior sunil)Shetty or viveik(prior vivek) oberoi that!

And have we not been mystified by luck charms??
Horseshoes,fortune cookies and mascots in the west,and of course the drawing up of "kundalis" and prescribing gems for vicissitude here..
So much so some even attributed Princess Diana's accident to the diamond rock she had on her finger at the time of her death..
on a serious note i have seen people suffering from severe depressions,and taking such silly prophecies a bit too seriously..
Kismet...Science or superstition ??
U can take your it fate or fatality...

"Fate is a term concocted by people of dim intellect to give them momentary relief during their period of trial"-Sage Vishwamitra
"The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in our selves "-Julius Caesar
"may be ive been at the right place at the right time"-Bill Gates
"Wait till i refer to the almanac for the auspicious launch for my next post"-Shrill


lax said...

and after these pearls of cynicism, we will continue to grab the tabloid that we subscribe to, on the pretence that we need it for upsc exams, and do the needful before every exam and viva. even the most vehemently unbelieving of us will take a peek at the said column, and of course, this is one thing for which we do not have to be surreptious. after all, do we not do it with the air of indifference; that we only want to read it to scoff it...
'twas wanting to be written, or am i too old-fashioned- blogged.
you said it, girlfriend

rabab said...

love the post. It sucks how steeped in superstition we all are! Whats more pathetic is that these things take credit for the hard work done by us. And lets not even talk about these ultra modern celebrities who party all night to show how modern they are and then do pathetic things in real life. It makes my blood boil when the stupid bacchan khandaan who made a huge hue n cry about the bahu being manglik is called the first family of India. In this age when we are trying to be broad minded about other things why are we still resorting to crystal balls? News chanels are ironically adding fuel to the fire. Ok i will stop my frustrated thoughts right now before am suggested to visit a tantrik to get off this bhoot of anger off me!!! lol

Pallav said...

what is fate? an eternal cliched question.. i suppose.. but on a more philosophical note..

"Fate is the embodiment of unmanifested ambigous aspirations, of eschewed endeavors and dereliction of the insatiable yearning for an exultant state of existence..."- Mamata Banerjee..

(jus kiddinn..)

well simply put, fate is nothing but THE most amazing masquerade ever invented to disguise failure.

i mean, we trust the wrong people, we invest without researching, we dont study for exams, we lack punctuality, we shun the true picture and all we do, is read horoscopes.. as if a million people born in the same month, will simultaneously meet the love of there life or go on a vacation or inherit a fortune or have tension at work or maybe incurr financial losses in that very same week... and then say "Well the paper said so..."
i mean how can a person believe some random writings on a peice of paper, written by sumone who has absolutely no knowledge about our lives..

how different is a newspaper horoscope from a ticket that's vended from a weight-machine, found at railway stations...

its actually our neverending quest to know the future beforehand, that is bread n butter for these "FORTUNE" tellers and sci-fi writers who dish out one onerous novel after another about time machines and wormholes..

ever read a newspaper headline that says.."PSYCHIC WINS MILLION DOLLARS IN LOTTERY" or "OIL WELL FOUND AT GYPSY'S NEW HOME"???

why couldn't Linda Goodman predict her death if she could predict the weekly escapades of half the people on this planet??
thats coz hororscopes (sic) are actually nothing but a series of synonymous terms dished out week after week meant to keep people pensive and elated, to keep them expectant and vigilant, percipient and gullible.. at the same time..

"Yesterday was history.. tommorow's a mystery, but today... today is a gift.. maybe thats why it's called PRESENT.."- Ancient chineese saying i was unaware of until i saw KungFu Panda..

neways.. being a little euphemistic myself, lemme mention sumthin totally irrelevant..
this morn' the lifeless drunkard (translate to hindi to find out who) wrote.."LEO: Ganesha says you will spend the entire day in front of ur lappy wondering.. am i the only person in this planet who comments on a blog on a lovely sunday morning.."

guess... he's not too far fron the truth, eh.. ;)

FÜHRER said...

Hello Shrill (Shreya). I am Pratyush Garg studying in JIIT, Noida. I got your blog address through Sudhir. You are a good writer and hopefully you will continue to express your views. Best of luck.

P.S: I also have a blog namely . Do visit it if you get time.

star said...

thank god sumbody came up with this. this whole universe works on just sum kind of laws which one day we might stumble across. bt till then when cant find reason behind sumthng we attribute it to fate, fortune or sumthng else. though evrybdy talks abt karma bt then i don understand how cum the underhand of luck n all stuff comes into play. i think its a way to blame anyone bt oneself for any failure or mishap. when r we gonna grow up to accept our share of things, good or bad. rightly pointed out by radical martyr Bhagat Singh that God is for weak minded men. I would sum up as " mano to bahut kuchh na mano to kuchh bhi nahi"

Milcom said...

Lol....nice one...
I remember one of my relatives asking an astrologer whether their son ( my cousin ) would get admission to any of the IITs...The astrologer replied,"If he works hard enough, he ll make it".
As some wise man said "WE MAKE OUR OWN LUCK"

Pranay said...

As that great philosopher of my time Navjot Singh Siddhu said.."If fate throws a lemon at u make yourself a lemonade...if it throws an egg make an omelette.."

luvtheedragon said...

there are but 2 quotes i wish 2 quote ...
"Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends."

wel how do u deny fate now! chance ? here is a chance u wont want to take if u believe in chance and all the modern gogledegook abt big bang and darwinian evolution ...
consider modern explanation for evolution which agrees that modern life evolved thru chance ... thru mere matter ... if that portion of the primodial soup which constitutes ur body is were even a nanometer away @ the time of big bang ... u might not hav been created ever ... wat the hel may haps the planet may not hav been created ... but u were! ad the planet was! .... the chances are similar to that of a explosion occuring in a newspaper factory and u get exactly tomorow mornings paper published ! do u dream of that happening ever? .... wat else if not the all ominous hand of FATE n tide of fortune?

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

again even if there is a fate or not ... u'll never know 4 sure .... but so to speak what exactly do we truely know for certain ? to speak in all-alsolute terms NOTHING AT ALL if we chose not 2 believe ... but even if u believe or not ... what gud is it 2 kno ur fortune ??? mayhaps forknowledge of fortune leads to vicissitudes.... again u'll never kno the answer to this superstitious theory ... its al a goodledegook quagmire of concocted shit which even if u true wil not help u...

al in all there is something above u ... there is something called FATE for sure ... but u dont know it , nor does daruwala nor ne tarot card readers/ etc ... and even if they did kno, and cud forshadow events yet to pass by there grreatly venerable skills @ forscience ... what gud is it? dont all the old tales tell us that u cant change the future ... what is bound to happen wil come to pass whether u lik it or not .. usually in the most unexpected ways ....

rimpy said...

very realistic...
nice read..

Milcom said...

another interesting thing that happened back in my astrologer used to give special SACRED threads to guys who werent getting suitable alliances after being of his customers fled with this astrologer's wife!!!

Manish Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Manish Kumar said...

साप्ताहिक भविष्यवाणियों पर नज़र तो रहती थी पर कभी उसमें अच्छा लिखा होने पर भी मन में उत्साह का संचार नहीं हुआ। हाँ कालेज में जब लिंडा गुडमेन की किताब हाथ लगी तो अपनी राशि के कई लक्षण मुझ अपने व्यक्तित्व में भी नज़र आए थे ।
अब तो न्यूज चैनलों के प्राइम टाइम पर ग्रह नक्षत्रों को देख कर खीझ सी होने लगी है।
वैसे टीवी चैनल से लेकर पत्र पत्रिकाएँ सब आपके भाग्य की खुशहाली बयाँ कर रही हों और आपके दिन नागवार गुजर रहे हों तो क़तील के शेर को गुनगुनाने के आलावा क्या करेगा कोई..

जिस बरहमन ने कहा है के ये साल अच्छा है
उस को दफ़्नाओ मेरे हाथ की रेखाओं में

deepexperience said...

your best post till date....loved horroscopes for me please!!!!


"itna bharosa mat kar apne haatho ki lakeero par....takdeer to unki bhi hoti hai jinke haath nahi hote"

summing up my thoughts in a single line,in my usual philosophical mnner :)