Monday, January 24, 2011


Quite a few friends of mine have wanted to see me they truly believe I’ll give them quite an amusing entertainment package when I’m “out”..
Now for all you men reading this “come on... don’t give that LADIES AREN’T EXPECTED TO DRINK...looks”
But I have never given them this opportunity till date and cannot say for sure If I ever will..I don’t attach any taboo to the concept of drinking...but yes, this thought does occur to me at times..what if I keep gulping the drink non stop... and let the situation out of control...
Naa..I don’t want to create a public nuisance...
And what trigerred this blog was the movie “no one killed Jessica”
Is drunkenness that insane and irrational that it can make a man kill a woman who just refused him to serve more...
Then I wondered this is not it...
There are many Jessicas in India..though the damage in those cases don’t always result in the fatality as this one did...
I know Munia my domestic help refuses to get married because she says that in her community men beat the women black and blue and abuse them to the extent of death if the women; who after a day’s hard work of washing clothes,sweeping floors,or selling vegetables refuses to part with their hard earned money...
As a child having grown up in Jharkhand where the local liquor called “ hadia” fermented rice with “mohua” is sold like cold drinks in every other nook and cranny..I remember how our moms used to be worried about us until we were back from tuitions or schools..lest some drunkard was on a loose in the neighbourhood basti
Personally drinking has never appealed to me but people refute saying “ its a personal choice...”
But it doesn’t become a personal choice when you’re out there in a party ,sloshed drunk..with little or no control over your brain and then start mouthing obsceneties,..
And performing histrionincs that leave people in and around you uncomfortable...
If you are smart and cerebral enough a person who just enjoys drinking in social gatherings to the effect that you don’t create a nuisance and are well under control..then nothing like it!! May you meet all the pretty girls you’ve ever thought of...But those of you who don’t know where to draw the line..and drink as if there’s never ever going to be a tomorrow ,consequently dehydrating your entire body and de-sensing your brain...and proudly proclaim..”I’ll drink as much as I want to..Its my choice”...
Its in no way a personal choice as your callous drinking behaviour adversely affects others as you puke and leave the floor,car dirty with someone else to clean it...and someone else to pay the bill..
Its not a personal choice, when in order to “de-stress” men consume alcohol in copious quantities and end up unleashing their heightened libido on any woman whom they come across..
Why ???..........haven’t we read of those innumerable news clippings where in some policemen and in many cases spoilt brats in drunken stupor have molested women..
Cases when some dipsomaniac may have boarded a train and causes discomfort to women and people around...
Drinking is not a personal choice when you(men and women) are totally inebriated and under influence and cant see the road ahead or the vehicle ahead and ram into the next vehicle coming on the road or run over some mere mortal and take his life away in the blink of an eye..

Wiki lift:
Of the adult US population, at least 75% are drinkers; and about 6% of the total group are alcoholics. In groups which are almost 100% drinkers, the alcoholism rate is about 8%. Many reports state that about 73% of felonies are alcohol-related. One survey shows that in about 67% of child-beating cases, 41% of forcible rape cases, 80% of wife-battering, 72% of stabbings, and 83% of homicides, either the attacker or the victim or both had been drinking.The case is not different with India as well..

Same irksome feelings for smokers as well..
I have not understood atleast why so called “aware and educated” give in to smoking knowing fully well that its not good for anyone on the planet...not good for the small kids in the bidi and cigarette industry..not good for the passive smoker next to you..and definitely its not going to do you any good!!
And trust me guys!!girls don’t get attracted to men who prove their machismo by smoking cigarettes..and for you girls who smoke this is what the HEART THROB JOHN ABRAHAM had to say, “I’ve tried to quit smoking..but what I don’t understand is why women smoke?..Its not good for their health as it affects maternity..also they are superior moral beings than can they err”
Any smoker doesn’t want his son or daughter to pick the habbit..why ??
Its not about being too good to be true but about realising why should you be
doing something that isn't good for you

I’ve asked a friend who’s a chain smoker “Dont you know that this could just kill you?”
His reply “ you could die anywhere,here because of an earthquake or there on the street because of an accident”
Now what does one have to say to an argument like that?
True its your wish..its your life...make it better ...
make it worse..Its a personal choice

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funky-philosopher said...

quite a stirring write-up! hope d mesg reaches d ears its intended for!!
as for d chain-smoker's retort, dying of an accident/earthquake is way different from a 5-year suicidal plan :P