Monday, November 26, 2012

Chuck Review

 This goes to you my love,from my core
 You still have a lot in store    
Chuck all those reviews that define you a loser   
Because we know that you are more than just a poser;
 You don’t know how much in love with you I have been;
 If I remember I must have been in class 9 in my teen  
When I first saw you , you were clad in a white suit and looked like a clown to me    
Until I paused and gave that second look to see that Adonis like face of thee;
 It was attraction at first or crush as some say
 Never did they think the insanity for 11 years will stay    
Pensive in Moksha,while your role in Aankhen was intense    
Villainous in Vaada while Rock On started trends
 My friends say I overdo it and that I look  crazy,
 Hardly do I care about whatever people should see  
Because even when I saw you recently in your movie  
Sporting that moustache,you were no different to me.
 What makes my heart thump,I want to know.
 Your grave baritone voice,or your raw machismo   
What makes my eyes fixed onto you?    
That chiselled torso,or those succulent biceps so true
 What makes me so happy when I see you on screen
 Is it that handsome jawline or your thick hair’s sheen.    
What people don’t know how wide your  heart spans,    
The love for your family, friends and fans
 Someday I hope you invite me to your exclusive pub
 How wisely you have named it LAP , so that people hub    
I am  happy to tell you that I am ALIVE as your perfume is    
Till the day I meet you and that is a promise
 Maybe you if you get to read this poem
 You may call me and I sure will come  
Happy Birthday I will say and will never go away!


beauty said...

very nice ..sacha pyaar

kunal kishore said...

so well written. oh...but i hate his acting skills so much. :)