Saturday, March 19, 2016


You were watching India vs Pakistan with the entire country yesterday and so where a thousand marketeers. The  rush for advertisement slots in yesterday's match would have been another behind the scene battle. But we all know who won the advertisement slot battle.
 Yes! Airtel with its deluge of  4G commercials.

 Once in a while comes a brand ambassador out of nowhere yet makes an impact
 that remains etched in  public memory for years.
I remember the Rasna gal with the famous one liner " I love you Rasna" .

There was this Dhara lad who would brighten up on seeing Jalebi.

Apple Singh during the 1999 world cup made Sudhir Mishra famous.
Then we have our favourite  Amul girl who is a caricature and hence ageless.
Now talking about the Airtel 4g girl.
I have come across many people who find her irritating.
But here is what would have made marketeers go ahead with the brand's latest ad campaign.
1)  Airtel and Taproot have zeroed in on a face that is different. Had they hired a celebrity, say Katrina/ Deepika  the result  would have been high endorsement fee and a  face that doesn't remain unique to the brand.Sasha Chhetri on the other hand is the short haired, young ,unconventional model who will distinctly catch the audience's attention even if people find her too loud.

2) Yes!! she is chatty and talks a lot. In her latest TV commercial she is described as someone who goes Yak! Yak! Yak!
   But that is exactly what a mobile phone operator would  want us to do . Chat! Chat! Chat!
   She over-communicates so that she remains in your memory. That's what Ads want out of you.

3) She is smart, cute ,confident and unapologetic. This is what brand ambassadors need to be.
Love her or hate her, but there's no denial to the fact that airtel 4G gal has taken the TV ad space by storm.

Sasha may go on to get more endorsements but she will  always remain the Airtel 4G girl for years to come. We still haven't forgotten ZooZoos of Vodafone or the Hutch puppy. This endorsement deal has helped airtel create the 4g noise. How far will Airtel gain or lose is what Marketeers need to see.
As far as the network coverage in hinterland is concerned advertise it the way you want but I have an airtel 3G connection and I see every reason why TRAI has asked telecom operators to answer on call drops.