Sunday, August 12, 2007


Like any Saturday,I am on my way to home from college...
Waiting for the bus near the college canteen..where small boys are busy delivering snacks and eatables to the students..
I Reflect:"I thought child labour had been legally banned in our country"..

Engulfed in myriad thoughts I am able to get a seat in the 9 a.m. BIT bus.
Later an old man boards the bus,a guy on the front seat gets up and offers him his seat.
The old man is relieved..
While the young guy calls up someone(probably some friend) on his cellphone and asks "How was CHAK -DE INDIA(movie)??,I want to take my local guardians out for a movie.."
I Reflect:"Hmmm..there's still some good left here...
one may say that the Indian Film Industry is just capitalising on the independence-day fervour,but then what's wrong in it,if it allows a family to unite on a weekend,who cares even if the script is plagiarised....Are we complaining??"

I gaze out of the window of the bus and take a look at the once called mesra countryside,now transforming into yet another urban stretch.
The 40 minutes journey which once used to seem really long,now seems comparatively shorter,with the construction and infrastructural developments viz. apartments,shopping complexes,motels,schools,better roads...
I Reflect:"Skyscrapers stacking high up on illegally captured land but slums being evicted???"

While the bus enters the clustered and the traffic infested by lanes of ranchi I am left flustered at the population hurrying on a Saturday morning..
I Reflect: "With India's Chandrayaan(moon mission) in 2008,can we really think of a getaway somewhere near the "sea of tranquility",moon's famous crater.
Give peace a chance.. "

So,I get down at Reliance Fresh...
I Reflect:"Running on errands had never been so lavish an experience.
This was the same store in news a while back...because it was vandalised by green-grocers who were facing stiff competition from it...If the Govt. doesn't come up with a solution to gel retail and independent farmers/vendors..
..Wait till Wal-Mart strikes"...

I reach home to be welcomed by a shriek of joy!!
My weekly visit had never invoked such a vibrant response!!
I peep into the sitting room to see my grandfather giving Anil Kumble company in his euphoria...

Ecstatic they were(i.e grandpa and kumble)at India's stupendous performance after a long hiatus..
I Reflect: "Every cloud has a silver lining..."
Second thoughts:"There is something in this game that can make octogenarians seem adolescents."

And even while I am typing this blog...Thanks to thee poor back-up provided by my UPS.
I have been interrupted umpteen number of times by erratic power cuts..

I Reflect:"India shining???definitely to some extent...but I still cannot imagine the condition of those villagers and town dwellers who live in non-electrified places..
Second thoughts:"India taking on China to become the next superpower in a decade from now...pipe dream as of now ..
India still needs to wait for China's nod in Nuclear Suppliers' Group to get the 123-agreement going and to start off with the Indo-US civil nuclear deal.."

I switch on the television to learn about border skirmishes killing 2 Jawaans..
I Reflect:"Nothing new...Braves have always been thrown in the dustbins of the country moves on"

I zap through the channels until one of the channel wishes its viewers...
"Happy Independence Day"
U Reflect:...........................................................................


kunal said...

wow independence day is so near.........had just forgooten abt is so busy :(....was nice 2 read it..does send some feel gud factor but i think that if u r trying 2 deliver some messege or just trying 2 xpress smth with simple life incidences then they sld be packed with some strong emotions too........thats what makes the diff bw spielberg nd any other director...getting me??????

dkd903 said...

wall-mart shouldnt come to india, how deep do you want the firangi brands to drill indian economy. they r killing indian talent rite inside the country

Sach said...


Saurabh said...

bahala channagide...

back to college said...

gud piece of writing
1 more thing
there r more gud available around than it seems

Hemant said...

Your sarcastic words will surely urge the readers to get out of the self centred attitude.The manner in which you showed debunking of Importance of INDEPENDANCE among
all the Generations.
Come to the N deal:In my opinion I didn't find it much relevance because I don't compain for the strategies of our Nation in this regard.As far as progress is concerned I find Our Nation going in right direction....It's not the Developement but alienation of the Public from the Motherland which disheartens me..

Hemant said...

Well,How can be so foolish to show Ur reality to People.If all begin to think your way,the world Business would be stifled.I wonder You Dream to Have a Pyramid After Death.Friends she she extremely talented to rip off Ur clothes without Ur knowledge.As long as you live,people around you need to take tips from me to deal with you......RIGHT Miss SCROOCHIE

kvhurin said...

beautiful writing...yeah likd ur sarcastic remarks bout us all!! I agree wid dkd though...wall mart mustn't come to India!!

And yeah its not so bad as you think...look around a bit more and you wud find goodness where you least expect it to be!!
keep blogging

Anonymous said...

nice piece of has always been.
But 2 say the more we are progressing the more something is being left uncared ,i dont agree...
every next tomorrow we will be better off than the last yesterday,
Nyways ....beautiful observation and so was the blog.

deepexperience said...

one doesn't get tired of saying "well written" for blogs of such high quality.... could really feel with this one as it started with a reference to something that I've always tried to put a stop to- child labour. if only a few more could spend some time thinking about these seemingly "trifle" matters, our country'd be a far better place to live in and be proud of than what it is now.... cheers!!!