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Thursday, October 25, 2007


"I came,I saw but I couldn't sit and talk..."
I bet this is what Caesar would have said had he stepped his foot on the place.
So educationists here at my place BIT(Baffling In Totality/Beyond Idealized Travesty/Built In Turmoil ..choose any one you like.. you can come up with many other
acronyms) take great pride in calling themselves conservatives..
Girls and boys!!you wont be liked talking to each other publicly ,by the authorities.
No these people here wont understand that you might be great friends,or mere seniors and juniors enjoying few moments bonhomie..
And my heart aches for those love-birds,BEWARE you'll raise plenty of eyebrows..thou shalt be separated as were romeo- juliet.

Does the pedagogue even give it a thought that by not allowing the students to mingle freely it is not only dragging them into the dark ages but also killing the very purpose of the having a co-ed institution??
No..i wont carp about the obnoxious, silly In-time restriction(where in girls are incarcerated after 5:30pm during winters and 6:30pm during summers) use..i might run out of digital ink print.
Nor will i like to vent my spleen on the way,we female folk are given the "special" treatment in case we want to take part in events after the in time,later locked in buses to be deported to the hostel,heads being counted,then made to sign a register in the hostel which should include details like time you step in....

No more of these gory details..or else it will arouse the same pathos in you;as it did in me after I saw Andy Dufresne,the character Tim Robbins played in Shawshank Redemption,a man jailed for no fault of his..

Here's one of the recent anecdotes..
My friends and I go to the hostel Supdt. and request her to repeal the new formulated and implemented Out time(i.e 6 a.m)as it is not practical to go jogging so late under the hot sun..
Her reply,"You go jogging,so will other girls and later even the boys come jogging after you".
Now do we laugh or lament?? ..we were just stupefied at the stupidity of the situation.
Later my friend retorted,"I wont be surprised if I come to know that the supdt's child is not straight oriented ".

So,I forewarn you...
These pictures showcase places in BIT where my friends, I,and sometimes my friends and I together have been shoo-ed off by the custodians of conservatism..the ubiquitous Guards at BIT.
My architect friends sure should consider these structures carefully...
You might stare your eyes out and strain them in an effort to figure out whether at all these pics make any sense..
Please try to convince yourself.These are places where people are technically meant to hang around and sit,chit-chatter in any normal campus(as you will see they are steps and benches)...but not here in BIT,and strictly not if you are in company with a person of opposite sex..

Who knows my blog could even serve as a link for The World's Most Amazingly Weird Places.

sample this-
one rainy day my friend lax and I sat scribbling rudiments in our notebook,outside the steps of lecture hall only to be accosted by a prof who goes on to say"Cant you find
another place to sit and doesn't look good to see you sitting here" .Bemused all I could say was,"Sir,its raining heavily outside....."

No respite under the trees too..

This is what they told my friends,"yahaan baithna manaa hai/u are not allowed to sit here"...Well if not here then where??

This is what my friends were told one day by a prof,when they were talking at this place,"yahaan kya kar rahe ho,hostel jaao/what are you doing here..go to your hostel.

The funniest of them all...a bench where 3 of we friends weren't allowed to sit

And if you don't allow us to sit anywhere we want to...
my friends and I have a question.."yahaan class mein kaun baithna chahta hai?/who wants to sit here in the class-room?


tulika said...

achha hai..humorous again..

sandy said...

well written..

megha said...

well well ..i recently visited the cellular jail in andamans..i guess
u get my pt.. very well xpresed my frnd

Saurabh Khadke said...

I remember the great HOD of computer science department had rebuked people sitting near the R&D building lawns...."Dont sit here...the grass is getting spoilt", he had said. Couldnt help laughing...seems as if HOD's of BIT are better off taking on gardening responsibilities huh?

really well compiled...your effort was worth it...good job.

abhishek sahoo said...

Really unfortunate that people in BIT attach the greatest importance to things that matter least..

Sharat Nambissan said...

Well...being in Delhi, I am glad I am living in a slightly more open society.

Our profs arent killjoys(except for the odd hostel warden). Perhaps, its because they are too lazy to even care.

Kunal said...


lax said...

Bleargh :-(

ananya said...

brilliant job roomie....u hv writtn somethin that each one of us at bit feel 24x7.....
i wish some prof feels pity on us aftr readin this masterpiece n...someday...oohhh...anyway,dreamz apart...keep up d good work...

star said...

it's gud to c that the exposure of hypocricy of the authorities has found sum place

Pallav said...

Ms. Shrill
B.I.T. Mesra

8th Nov. '07

Respected Madam,
sub: request for removal
of recent post
Your recent blog dated october 25, titled "CONVERSATION ON CONSERVATISM" has deeply touched the public emotions. but as a responsible and funloving student of BIT mesra, i would like to request you to kindly remove the recent blog .
the reason for which i m saying this is that if the authorities come to find about the content which is so openly being expressed in d public about them, and more than that, the fact that BOYS are allowed to comment and hence interact wid female bloggers then
some strict action such as blocking of (yet another popular) site might take place.
hence it is my sincere request that please dont deprive us (thanx of course to d gr8 admins:read Sandip Dutta)of ur highly enlightening, educational,contemporary..blah blah... posts( and basically only good thing that comes outta BIT).hence it is my suggetion that some not so direct names be used in further posts and a more suggestive approach be used.coz we people who simply love ur posts might not be able to gain acsess to them if d site is blocked.

thanking you,
A Net crazy 2k6 student
deprived of
all the
which he
used to
have at
his place
and feels
about it and
just wants to
get d hell
outta here,
BIT Mesra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
arey but seriously yaar this is d true face of our college,nowhere do u see such indiscriminate orthodox mindset when it comes to girls and boys..these guys shud see to this that even school students are allowed sit together in class rooms
and durin recess nd no eyebrows or voices r raised when they hang out together during recess or after school..really pains me to see that teachers like bee reddy r still finding support in d admins...i mean what kind of a coll will go out of their way to install security personnel just so that girls nd boys cant come nearer than 10m, during a dance prog, when they cant hire enuff people to deal wid d lights and sound n stuff....holy crap!!!

pia said...

nice 1 frnd...
u know the place really well..

Susmita said...

hey... cool write up... ya i agree wid u... and ts true...
i hav sat at all those places in d photos... alone of course :).

porus said...

i m guessing this situation is not unique to BIT Mesra ... thr r other places with equally conservative admins / suptdts who frown upon mixed gender groups and can't tolerate a couple ...

don't see a quick solution to it...

however, great post and putting in the pics really shows a thing or two

Karthik Narayan said...

whoa.. looks like my kinda place - nice calm place.. i love it.. and well written... thanks for sharing.. nice read

summercrush2002 said...

hey d blog is amazing!!!
totally reminds one of skool..........n stupid restrictions!!!!.........well out of all dat now..........but hold on........i remember this is not jst in co-ed.....grls in my collg were said to b indecent as after collg hrs they were sitiing in d ground wid their shalwar up to their knees.......n were "touching" each-odr (as requird in a play they were practicing for) u know.....there is no escaping these authorities.........

The Thoughtful Philosopher said...

i hope the authorites reprimand me for the same reason someday....... boy are they gonna get a piece of my mind.......the most bitter part


great thought process....ekdum sahi....aap jaise log hi kraanti laa sakte ho(aur hum jaiso ka 6 baje ke baad campus mein bhatakna saarthak bana sakte ho...:P).....bahut achha socha hai aur bahut sahi likha hai....

deepexperience said...

great work.. u have made a new fan today... with barely 2 months of college life remaining I can do nothing save promise that I share ur thoughts on this topic.... would have loved to see few pics from the girls' hostels :).... well done again...

Vineet said...

moral policing is totally unacceptable it bit or any other place...ISM profs are far better as far as this thing is least they do not try and act as saviours of conservatism....

Manish Kumar said...

Well written Sneha ! I just couldn't stop laughing while going through ur post.

It has been ages since we passed out from the institute but it seems that those ethos still persist.

Keep us updated about our alma mater.

neha said...

gr8 post!