Sunday, January 6, 2008


So the paradoxically lazy blogger is back here after a hiatus..It’s been a year of somewhat blogging..
"some" coz MY BLOGS are few in number and "what" coz u have every reason to ask me what exactly is my blog doing here..
Well Good Fellas! Thanks for pouring down your comments on my blog…(a SMILE and a gracious bow) because that’s the only way I know my blog is being trampled by bloggers here in the blogosphere.
Mind you!this is the only place where Miss Blogger eagerly waits for Guys’ to make comments ...
So the next time even if u don’t find any blog worth lauding…go ahead..put down ur scorn and dole out ur critique ..
E-blogger has empowered us all..U can make those disparaging comments as anonymous.. In which case it may be deleted or U can drop ur comments with ur name..In which case ur page will be added to My Hateable (Waiting for Internet Explorer to come up with this antithesis of My Favourites )and so have I been empowered...
Talking of empowerement..much brouhaha is raised about female empowerment these days..I am no exception to this feminist outcry..
And I did what we the fairer sex..(in my case wheatish) do with all our MIGHTY HEART…went out shopping (read window shopping).
After all Girls just wanna have some FUN..
So, in the company of my buddy(Maggi),we entered a Watch showroom.. Citizen and Omega..and other jewels.. Hmmm…priced at Rs.28000..I wondered that WEALTH is even more than my semester fees…
Shrillonomics as usual had to creep in ..28000 means I could have some 28000/1000=28 fastrack watches...
Or as my friend looks at it..28000/0.83 = 33734 panipuris..
Ogling at them was enough to satisfy our craving..
The best part of the day came when we entered a A Big Shop..
This time we had a ready plan of action.. picked 3 of the costliest and the most classiest outfits on display.. So what if we can’t empty our already empty pockets..
I was getting dressed to THRILL. A unique sting operation. hatched in my mind.
at least try the outfits..feel good...capture few pics...keep them as memento..much as tourists do when they dress up in the ethnic way at the tea gardens in Darjeeling..or at the Dal lake in Kashmir ..
And yes!thanks to nokia E50..If Van Gogh is admired for self portraits ..I should for self-photos..
Only later when I came out of the trial room did I realize there were 3 or 4 sighing ppl waiting for their turns outside the trial room..
The salesman asked..”So, Madam,which of these?”
I went point blank..”none”.
He asked with an angry scorn”why?”
Snootily this time..”Didn’t like them..”

But then there were a few things I thoroughly liked this christmas vacation..
The idea came when my parents were away from the city for a I had to take to donning the chef’s toque(hat) and apron..(figurative expressions only because I don’t believe in such groundwork before cooking…after all its campaigning!)..End result..pure HEALTH as you can see..

Caution: never judge a meal by its photo…

Take a look at these..

while I was trying to paint out subtleties of femininity..
A neighbourhood kid remarked with some WISDOM..”Hey!don’t you know to draw faces??Is that why u’ve hidden them?”..
And that’s when I asked him to get out of my face..and mumbled that catchphrase of mine..”why always me? Hope this year has more good things in hold..”

P.S:- May you be blessed with all the block lettered words mentioned above in the blog; this new year…….


priyanka said...

hey shrill,
nice paintings dear..par mere ko kaun si waali gift karne waali hai???
waise blog bhi sahi tha yaar..
keep d good work going on

nadu said...

hey the block capital letters wala funda mast tha :)

megha said...

nice paintings!!plz blog more frequently

ananya said...

waise u should not only upload pics of the dishes u cook..bring them in live sometime...;)

rishikesh said...

well i had no intention of commenting on your blogs .
definately they are nice and a bit "shrill".Actually i was going thro' the the list of movies u stated in ur profile.the movies u listed are very good ,rather above par movies. however there's one movie that i wanted to comment on.thats "A SCANNER dARKLY"....i saw that movie long ago...however i didnt ever hear ane one mentioning it ..and no one wud see it coz it was wierd kinda animation i gave up suggesting my friends too see it ...however it felt really gud seeing it mentioned somewhere(in ur profile)....its a great movie isnt it ...i kept thinking about it for a while when i saw it, its a kind of great movie that goes unmarked! thnx

Anonymous said...

hey... one of your friends, who happens to be one of my friends suggested me to check your blog( almost in retaliation to me suggesting one of my friends' blog to him... i have read just this one and i guess i'm hooked. i'll keep checking it. enjoy writing!

Saurabh said...
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Harshit Gupta: My big big world said...

good pictures...
n too good postscript at the end of the blog.. :)

deepexperience said...

excellent one.... especially the capital letters thing... it's only a giuzzer's mind that can connect things so fast.... I only wish I'd read this one before the new year arrived... maybe the blessings would have come true for me...

deepexperience said...

spell check-quizzer's*