Saturday, May 10, 2008


9 months you held me in,
While I must have given you pain within,
Then on this day I was ushered out,
With a shrill cry and innocent pout.

“It’s a baby girl” you must have been told,
Your hands would have become so cold,
As you must have held me with your palms unfold,
Down your cheeks,a tear or two may have rolled.

Sweet lullaby,you would sing to me,
“Peek-a-boo..peek-a-boo”,u’d play to quiet me,
At odd hours during nights when I would scream,
You would wake up and stroke me back to dream.

Dress me for school,with ponytails neatly done in,
And scold me,when I didn’t finish the tiffin,
And listen to my teachers as they would complain,
About your little girl’s mischiefs and shenanigan.

Play an umpire to the disputes I embroiled with ur little son,
And then buy me the Barbie and the water gun,
Not informing dad,you would screen my errant behavior,
No wonder you’ve always been my savior.

Save those extra pennies,by saving on the budget,
To spend them on my dresses ,fancies and nugget,
When on any failure I would grow despondent,
You would as usual come and be the closest attendant.

You would make me mug up the multiplication tables,
help me recite the poems and fables,
Drop and take me back from my tuition classes at night,
Always keeping me under your caring sight.

Prepare those delicious dishes in a trice,
As and when I demanded as per my choice,
Give me a massage when I would be in pain,
Oil my hair whenever I felt any strain.

As time passed by,and I entered teenage,
There were moments of tension and rage,
You would scold,you would chide,
But then make peace as u knew ur girl was on a high tide.

In competition,and examination or any other strategy,
or the very recent chicken pox malady,
You’ve been God’s angel to me,
Thank you to thee..

Even if I try …It’s impossible being as u can be..
So come what may..just want to see you happy..


deepexperience said...

good one...I have seen many novel ways of celebrating birthdays but this one is by far the best..... in this case its not the words but the feelings behind them which make the poem much more beautiful than the other u very rightly mention towards the end, no matter how hard we try, we can never match up to our mothers.... keep writing...

Anonymous said...
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mom said...

thanks ...
loved it..
keep writing!!

nadu said...

awesome ! too good.. !

anu said...


priyanka said...

awesome....jus perfect...

TaRqUiN said...

superb.....enjoy reading ur blogs.keep writing atleast weekly instead of monthly or bimonthly.

saurabh said...

hmmm....hvnt cn ne1 clbratin as u've done.....pulled a gr8 feat,kudos....
the poem wz fine;
the feel wz simply gr8...

Pallav said...


gud attempt at poetry wid wonderful expressions n feelings...verrry fact i gave my mom a hug after readin this...dont think i need to say much after dis...

Vineet said...

hats off...

Vineet said...

but derez one point on which i disagree. your mom never scolded you for not finishing your tiffin,bcoz you never gave her a chance...:-)

rimpy said...

good ...very good

The Thoughtful Philosopher said...

how sweet....

Phila said...

Thanks for writing this.

Karthik Narayan said...