Sunday, November 2, 2008


october 31st:
This is something people don't generally expect from pretty damsels in college,as these are the wonder years,
girls titivate in a bid to become the next beauty pageant winner..(atleast this is what one draws from
the movies.)
Girls turned up at 12 in the common room not to sashay and sway,dressed in attire of Dracula, Noorie ,Satan and some Pillow ghost monsters..
but to dance deviously and to mumbo jumbo to
the tunes of "du hast mish".."aaja gufaaon mein aa"
HALLOWEEN they call it in the west,just gave another of those countless reasons to act whacky
see it to believe it!

sweet november 1:
" you play cricket?"asked R
my reply"oh yeah"
"then come ,we should form a team"said R.
my reply" excuse me! i thought you just asked if I booked the tickets?"
I've not followed cricket since 2003 world cup..ever since the entire batting line up was gobbled up by the aussies in my jinxed presence.
But never mind..Inspired.."this googlied maiden decided to slip in the cricket gully and give a full toss to the game knowing fully well that she is as
blind as a bat"
well,apparently my cricket knowledge is limited to the hero worshipping by my friends.

Guys in the audience shout,nag aloud!
the all girls team "Just Chamka" wins the league match heroinically with a misfielding from miss fielding(yours truly).

November 2(the real halloween strikes 2 days later):
As a part of our sunday fitness regime,my friend Lax asked if we could just take a walk!I ditched my plan of jogging,and joined her on our way to the sports complex.
We spot the same profs with milk cans in their hand coming down the way,discussing their usual topics"socio-political scenario of India"
The sports complex has its shutter closed as its "getting prepared for the sports event in the evening"(trust me it isn't a venue for any celebrity wedding!)
Sighing!on our way back the OC road,(also referred to as the lovers' lane).
The the picturesque landscape is breathtaking..the jungle and river on one side and the college campus on the other.
But this day was not the same..
A few paces away from the OC,near the crest,just where the serene road starts we look back as we have an eerie sense of being followed.
Lax and I look back to see a man who seem to have appeared behind us from nowhere..
The two of us gave each other strange looks,as we were disconcerted by what we saw..
we could read each others' mind which was like asking each other"Are you seeing the same thing that I am?"
We realised what we saw,enough to make a chill run down our spine.
The man was 10 feet away and a thin built,a localite tresspasser,height 5'5",wearing a blue green jacket,and pants,fiddling with his genitals.
The next moment we heard someone blabber something vaguely from behind.
The sheer presence of mind on the part of Lax,as she raised her I-POD,to catch a reflection of what was behind.
And She screamed"Shrill,he's closing in on us"
My reflex,I start running,frantically,as I think Lax too will do the same.
It's then that Lax shouts and yells"shrill stop,don't run"!
I see Lax with her arms akimbo,facing him,growling at him.
I did exactly the same.Growled like an animal at the highest possible decibels.
The stalker runs back into the wild,hopping and running,like a steeplechase sprinter.
For a minute i was only convulsing.It was then that Lax told me that he had reached barely 2-3 feet behind us with his pants down!
I could only marvel at my friend's presence of mind as she worked the self defence tactics in a jiffy.
"since the guy was not too tall and muscular,he could not have done much harm to both of us,and sprinting would not have been a good solution as the
road was long and desolate,the only way to defend would in this case be to overpower with confidence.
our immediate reaction was to report it to the chief guard as it could be averted had a guard been in sight.
the chief guard's response was "What is meant to happen will happen,it s not within our wishes,We'll station a guard there,from 6 to 7,though he's always there at that spot noon onwards"

As we narrated this account in the hostel,some of the girls shied away thinking it was a "dirty talk",while I was just indebted to Lax and was in awe of her courage.

Folks will still romanticize the OC way,I will take time to appreciate the beauty of the place.
Had we gone to our Hstl. supdt. her obvious reaction would be"Girls should not go jogging,so no more jogging on that way"
"It can happen to anyone,anytime,anywhere,SO please do raise a voice,become aware,take self defence lessons"


Dexter said...

So that was the moral of the story ?
Oh well, by the heading I thought you really got a call, duh !
& of all days, Sundays to be your fitness day-man so much committed you ppl are... good to know.
@ Chief-Guard... lol
btw lux was too good...

ananya said...

well this frnd of urs is certainly d most amazing girl we've evr met.. i really appreciate d fact that u've put this incident on ur blog..i hope u r well equipped d nxt time u venture out alone in dis big bad world..

Kunal said...

Incredible. I always thought that Bit was the safest college in the world. Gives the admin a valid point for the in-time though doesn't it...

Manish Kumar said...

Nice to know ur friend showed presence of mind at right instant.It's really pity that such a beautiful stretch of our college is not secure.

We used to walk daily on that ROAD from Hostel 1. Sometimes we used to cross the jungle to spend sometime near the river. And on one such evening we overstayed ignoring the dwindling sunlight.

As a result while returning thru jungle we found ourselves in complete darkness & just then fear struck... Losing the path we just ran & ran in one direction until we touched that road.

Hades said...
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Hades said...

Dude, you should get that head guard in some serious trouble...

I'm quite serious.

Pallav said...

n shocking too..

i mean if the admins are really so short-handed, then here are a few suggetions they shud look into:

1. they shud see to it that at least one couple should be having their languid quixotic saunters at all times on that "long desolate road"

2. they might as well add another 250 bucks to ur mace... ooopss.. mess bill for "security" allowances..

3. or.. they might as well restrict ur acess to that route as well..

and as Mr. Thapa wudve charecteristically added in his inherent philosopical tone and trademark dilapidated english.. (if u ppl wudve hung around any longer)..
"Liphe iss aaaaaaaaa... unphaer.. and both of you two, must also accept it.."

Maybe more so.. here at BIT..

Maverick said...

Come on!!!!

Never knew there was a valid point in having an "in-time" ...

Lax, amazing yaar.
And shrill, dunno what to say.

But then there is suppposed to be a couple of guards there all the time, remember near the oat and one at the crest of the hilly road. ..where the fuck were they??

And seriously, spread the word, and get somebody to take some action on this....

luvtheedragon said...

rxn 1 :
not true ... not on campus ... then again if its true ... lux-cy has a thing 4 rising early( yeah i hav a clue as to how early.) and stuff and wat nt ..wagging war on the admin...guess they got sumthin to smile upon ( for once they were right! wat a relief for the ever-blundering no-gud morons)...

rxn 2 :
gr8 courage chick! xp of a lifetime ... gr8 courage to stand ur ground n not run off.. gr8er courage stil in publishing it !! hats off! bravo ! kudos!

rxn 3:
2 on 1 ... plus he was under sized....
y didnt u nab him? then cal up get help and jail him ....

rxn 4:
y didnt u create a hue n cry and raise storms .. call upon the fires of heaven and winter's heart upon the vc... get in media .... ask 1 question .... sucides 2 years bac; murder 1 yr bac; now rape ; wat next ? human slaughter ...another virginia tech rampage ? .... WTF are they doin ? if u cant do ur job ... resign man ! if i were in ur shoes ... i wud hav blown 'em away ....

rxn 5:
stay safe ... stay in ...( though lightening doesnt strike the same place twice... or so they say !)

rxn 6:
wtf made u guys take the oc road ?
wats wrong wid the evenin tim ... u cud request for a bus from sports complex to hostel past the in time...

rxn 7:
this is one of those few thngs that i cud react upto infinity; twice over actually...

Karthik Narayan said...

Well written. Your friend did well, and am glad u guys are doing ok...

Maybe you shud watch kung fu panda :)

Tanmay Agarwal said...

hey...great work and grit...lax n u....wat 2 say abt BIT's guards....
maybe its tyme they stop chasing away the goats/cows/puppies in the campus(BECOZ THTS WAHT THEY R ALWAYS DOIN'),and paying more attention towards chasin away the goons in the campus....
yeah n i agree wid HADES..pls report that guard...


damn. 1/2 the day they keep girls inside. in the other half, they can't guarantee basic security.
everybody knows the oc road and pmc are the most frequented places for females. what's stopping them from beefing up security?