Sunday, December 21, 2008


EVENT: MOOD INDIGO 2008(Asia's Largest Cultural College Fest)
VENUE: SJM School Of management,IIT POWAI,IC 3
DATE: 21st december 2008
TIME:10 a.m
RULES:1)write your details,reg no.,college's name,phone no. on the postcard.
2)The creative writing entry should not extend 55 words.
3)articles,1-2 lettered words to be considered in the total count of words.
4)Multiple entries from a single participant is welcome.



She ran from streets to stations,
selling her handmade creations,
shouting "Ho!Ho!Ho!" as if to boast,
the christmasness of red Santa-caps,worn in parties they host.

Then came a man who went gunning down,
everyone in that town
She asked "What you from this bloodshed gain?"
Her "Ho!Ho!Ho!" never heard again......
(55 words exactly,In wake of terrorist attacks on innocent citizens of Mumbai)



Its Christmas in the air,
but there's recession and despair,
I've been fired from my job
left only to sob!sob!

I see children hosting a party,
and spring at this opportunity,
Rs 100 I get per hour,
to dress as Santa Claus in the bazaar,
"Ho!Ho!Ho!" I Scream
Is this a Dream????........
(55 words exactly,in wake of recession and job cuts)


ŋ|ħ|η said...

Pretty Innovative entry about an innovative event-'TWAS BRILLIG :)

Long time no C ???

U make the readers wait pretty long, but u aptly came up with two Ho!Ho!Ho! song(S).

Don't make the entries so sparse for waiting for u are the reaDARS.

Enjoy ur Ho!Ho!Ho! day & the 5th day after. :)
(55 words exactly)

Kunal said...

Ho ho ho indeed...
How rd quizzes going?

Kunal said...

n me finally started non-anonymous blogging. do pay a visit and tell how to improve. hard stuff, being ur own editor. spell check, grammar, legal issues n all. takes some of the fun away. (well not legal. yet.)

Anonymous said...

good ones