Sunday, May 16, 2010


What a great day to write a I’ve packed lock stock and barrel reached home leaving the college…and as the old song goes.. “I guess nothing lasts forever…”
Now I really wonder why some of the bestsellers are woven along the threads of college life…why sid,akash and sameer made DCH timeless??
Or why five point someone was a nation wide hit??

I wouldn’t have cried,while leaving my frnz….No,seriously philosophical as it may sound..but the joy that you have given me outdoes the grief I am struck with when I leave you……So here it goes:I can seriously write a biopic on the mentioned people..but yes let me see how bad I am at summarizing..

Dear Lax:
I never thought I’ll meet someone so similar to me..yet so different from me..girl!!I feel so proud of having had an association with you…If there could be a “Phunsuk Wangdu” with a gender reversal I bet she would have been pretty much like you..and yes when I listen to the song.. “Behti hawa sa thha who…” Its u on the periphery of my thoughts..
I remember how Annie and I were awestruck when we used to see you go write the exam without studying and that too after having had a good time sleep for 8 u would fidget around about one hour before the exam..and come across our room properly dressed up saying..”hum kuchh padhai nahi kiyein hain”...while we were trying to hold onto the last straw as drowning examinees..

How can I forget the pranks zeenat and I played by singing all the “PARDESI” featuring bollywood songs..and yes victory!!especially for shilpika and myself as we transformed you from a total Hindi-ignorant to the sweetest Hindi speaker amongst us..But sad!! I know It’ll be gone in 60 seconds as soon as you leave the place…and yes next few years you’’l be ready with accented Canadian English..Oh yeah thanks for capturing those lovely images..:P :P thinker..vegan…fitness freak..a humungous hogger...F-1 junkie..geek..sprinter..lawn tennis star..a superb artist,environmentalist, animal lover,quizzer,a stellar chef…ahhh a proud MAC user...oh yeah and an amazing conversationalist..for all those who love masala..churned controversial gossips..LAX is anyday a delight as she proudly says “I love controversies..” and yes for those who take pleasure in knowledge and all scholarly gyaan..enjoy her company…

Dear Zeenat..
Of all the crazy and nonsensical songs and shrieks we’ve made..ahh I’ll miss them..i remember how in the first sem I had this opinion about you of a juvenile school girl as you would imitate voices of all possible creatures..Dogs..cats..Phew!!
And yes need I mention short term memory loss..or the Zeenat field effect wherein under your influence..we forgot everybody else’s name..
Need I mention how u once shouted X by the name Y..and the case being X and Y just hated each other…..the best being how during the end sems you sat for the exam and when the examiner asked you “which exam?” you went blank…no answer at all…until someone else answered that… trying hard to remember why u were there?? Haha…the prof sure had a good time when he asked you at the end of exam…..”now u know which exam you came for”…. the ever creative ,artistic and bubbly Zeenat..paradoxically laziest person I know who found it even hard to go lift a pen from the next table…At the same time I’ll miss the trips to Sports complex…the badminton we played .the nature lover talks..the WARREN BUFFET funda of not carrying the cellphone….those witty one liners..

Dear Shilpika…
In the first year I just knew you as the girl who came to the college on the first day..sat next to me..and the first question she asked me “ how much is ur AIEEE rank??.Yahaan placemets kaise hote hain??highest placement offer kitne ka gaya??”…Ooops..wrong person I thought..Now u know why I never talked to you again during the entire first year..I never thought a day would come when you would become completely stop thinking about placements..and prepare for UPSC day and night..Good LUCK gal!! and keep those one-liners coming..and yes I’ll miss how crazily and whackily we were the first ones to burst out dancing during anyone’s birthday!!
Aaahhhhh…shilpika plzzz…plzzz..dont go to anyone else in the world with your silly doubts…just give me a BSNL call..and yes change your taste…gorillas are a passé…have a new interest…(wink wink)
Hope you rule your jurisdiction with the same guts as you rule hearts..If there was one person on whom all the jokes were played..It sure had to be you..
Dear Neha….
Sweet…pretty…always ready to help…ready with suggestions..extremely practical and lady like…thanks fr teaching me the art of bargaining…and I thought only I could haggle to save those pennies..i should delete “shrillonomics”…thanks for taking me through the nook and crannies of Ranchi…oh yes and the restaurant suggestions have helped me a lot…I really admire the big sister way you would tend to Rasna…and your fiercely independent attitude…street smart..and other beautiful times we spent ragging shilpika shukla…

Dear Ananya…
3 years one room…one word "Thank you…"
You know I can’t put it in words….

At times ppl don’t weep when they see their frnz off till the station or till the time they’ve said the last goodbye…they look behind cherish those memories..and think….. “Yaar…what days…..!!” a tear or 2 maybe roll down at times..and then there will be smiles again….


Kushal said...

Yeah the tears do come...and in my case they were dry but caused such huge suffering that I was like devastated....dint know how to ease the pain...dint know who's room to go to ease my self as there wasn't any more rooms to look for was scary this sudden emptiness...
But Time heals...and now I can afford a few memories without feeling awful with what I feel is a faint glimmer of fondness for those memories....if only they come once again...if only!

Ananya said...

you hv nt completed the sentence..write down 'thank u for not giving me ur diary to fill up'!! i want to relive h-9, F-83. great attempt to sum up the characteristics of the great gang! had the most wonderful three years of my life...

priya said...

Well done bachchii..toooooo gud..
tears naa sahi words ke thru hi kaafi senti maar leti ho!!

priya said...

Aur haan..mesra jaakar toh tu bilkul badal gayi..totally female dominated list :P

aashish said...

Blog well written.

Though it seems a colon, it actually is a coma, you will get to meet all the lasses before you plan. Happens with us all.

Have a great after-college life, before you decide to visit one again.

manas.nayak said...

very nicely written,it was actually engaging...keep it up