Sunday, June 13, 2010


Apart from the intellectual gratification quizzing has given me…I must add that it has introduced me to ppl who are now great friends..With Time flies-3 I would like to showcase the friendship I forged with these guys and have learned so much in their company

Prabhakar or PK as we fondly call him is an extremely simple guy but yes not too simple as he too has his own share of fun in mischiefs and indulgences of his own kind…. and gyaan unparalled encompassing all spheres..we first teamed up when I was desperate to form a team to Spring Fest Quiz 2008 but the scene wasn’t certain..ppl were hemming and hawing about coming along..i remember calling up ppl on phone the entire day trying to jugaad a team..So, someone told me about Pk. I was told he was an extremely shy guy..consequently I asked Nikhil Dubey a yr senior to use his seniority and do the talking and convince this new chap to quiz along with us…I still remember Pk what a hit miss the entertainment Quiz was…Ohhhh!! If only we would have paid heed to ur answer “Andaaz” we wud have been in the finals and who knows even won it!!! The next miss was the very recent “hot shot “ answer which we missed out on Lax’s insistence..lesson for a lifetime..hehe

Always calm composed..Connoisseur when it comes to music..Tarquin’s collection on BIT LAN always would be in buzz.. will give u news out of Auto,Biz,movies(deadly knowledge on tamil hindi and any kind of film industry..both original and plagiarised)…yes and do not question Rahman’s talent in front of him..A self proclaimed Rahmaniac…he can any day write a biography on him..Can hit the dance floor with all the zest and zeal and can keep ppl raving about it too..
And yes PK’s credit on all our tours for launching “what is sneha eating photo shoot campaign??” also Pk catches couples on his camera on the fests we’ve been to and without letting them know..
u shud see Pk posing for photos..always in style with one different from the other.. Yo!! Pk the year 2010 broke your jinx of never getting cash from quizzes..keep the coins jingling… hope you do join a Quiz firm after the amazing research and questions you come up with…that has so often left me simply awestruck..and keep that good habit of betting and winning..and lemme kno the nxt time u’re in Jsr

Tanmay the “no nonsense” and now the “lichad banker” who as his friends know hardly ever gets off his computer..Full credit to the rich and regular Quizblog you initiated that’s now acclaimed in the blogosphere..and yes the way Pk and you have gone about mentoring and generating a mass awareness in BIT regarding quizzing too is laudable..The First time Tanmay called me to take part in a college event he went on “Sneha aap hamare saath team up karengi Technieek ke liye”
Oh my God!! My batchmate calling me with so much respect but then i came to know that he’s an Agra cud understand…Each time you try pulling his leg the poor guy wud just mumble “bhak..kuchh bhi!!”..
Tanmay “Agra is so tacky.Is there anything else apart from taj Mahal there??
“Tanmay likes this ” joke became much too popular because he was too kind to like everything his frnz shared on facebook..C’mon after this joke as Pk and I have noticed u became too choosy and selective about ur “likes” on facebook…Don’t care what ppl say..just keep “liking”
Considering that we shared some similar interests like “HOUSE M.D” ( Yippey at last we did get that T ready..) and south Indian food..
each we pester u about joining a fraudulent bank and the back end job profile…never knew you would take our jokes so seriously so as to ask “honestly tell me why do ppl say that this job suits me…” haha..
A great blogger and official quiz trip accountant and money bank who at the end of every quiz would hand us out a meticulously done balance sheet giving us a brief of our expenses and how much we need to pay and to whom…
and how worked up u were when u asked us “Someone said I look like a hooligan…Do I seriously look like a hooligan..??” least the TTE on the patliputra express must have thought so when we were returning from dhanbad when you faked your identity for a short while though..
Had you asked this question to females in our hstl they wud have denied yelling “No way…Tan is a really decent guy” Quite a fan following Tan..Good Luck !!

That makes me think Ashwyn should think twice before bestowing the honorary title of Ladies Magnet to himself…coz half of the time he’s totally frustrated with the traits of the opposite sex..a chauvinist ,a misogynist..who would go on to say “The Lesser the number of girls in an engg. Colg the better…as guys get distracted and lose vision and enterprise in worldly matters in the company of girls”….haha!! “There aint a single girl with whom I can strike an intellectual conversation” A highly cryptic and eccentric personality which I think he considers his USP…who thinks cell phone is a liability and never keeps one..So if u wanna pass on some info God help!!or check out the dhabas near BIT..
Oh..No..dont ever engage with him in a debate coz he’ll never come round or even listen to your views.. A chain smoker who would go and ignite his brain by a cig before every quiz and once got into trouble when we went for a quiz to a colg that was a “no smoking NIT allahabad campus” Hmmm.. was mesmerized only once when in a Spring fest at IIT kgp saw a lady who was circling smoke with the skill that even he dint possess ..Alas!! she already had her beau next to her
This Guy has an amazing intuition and maestro of guess work..High Fives keep striking each time he gets those answers out of nowhere..
I must add his oneliners and bonmots add zest to our group and yes his frnz will totally agree how we do miss his tattle tongue when he’s not around…After also having worked with him in the Training and Placement Cell he will always be courteous in getting food for ppl he knows ;and also girls he doesn’t know...gets in trouble at times but yes nonchalantly gets out of it too..Will always miss the scene when u need him urgently as he’s out whiffing taking a break….

Ahhh..that one day Kolkata trip to quiz at Science city..when we decided to walk from science city to park street after figuring it out on a google earth map not to scale… tell a calcuttan this and they’ll laugh to pieces as the distance is unfathomable..The quizzical way we went exploring esplanade..and my suggestions u guys have always trusted whenever it comes to fooding…Remember how we crossed the thoroughfare near esplanade the four of us running across the square at 9 at night as there was no stop to the raining kolkata traffic…Rosogullas at KC das and idli at Dulal Nandi… Slept all through the lecture while some IIM prof went pontificating about strategy…and hooted at the SF quizmaster this time…chatted till 5 am in Hatia Howrah about anything and everything under the sun..and yes when Lakshmi suffered from that virulent sun stroke on our way back from MLNIT after making a clean sweep at Gnosiomania Quiz fest …what a tough time we faced getting her deported to the hospital..still we all braved it knowing we were together..
I’ll miss those innumerable discussion sessions on gtalk and bakar that have made us a team Q-BIT..and the long distances we’ve travelled we’ll now be busy Quenching Life’s Curiosity…


Vrudijones said...

Loved it...and the photo on the top is just perfect.
Vrashank Jain likes this! :P
Will miss y'all...

opium said...

I am both humbled and flattered. like i told you i need to be a peg or two down before i can come up with nice things to say to anyone i know, but i would like to make an exception here and now and let know how its been great quizzing with you and otherwise. You are one of the rare and few ladies who make me change my ill conceived notion on girls. There are people like you who just show up suddenly, and let you know like a slap in the face that- dude, they are all not like you think they are. All the time spent with all of you, @kgp, @MNNIT, @noobasswhoopings at BIT has been a complete pleasure. Will miss those good old times.

LEONIDAS said...

The first time i heard about u, was when some one was telling me how u did a jam on "49=7". You left me dumbstruck and continued to leave me amazed... throughout the time we were @ College.
.As for the Random Trips we had , they shall remain as golden memories of college.I AGREE 100 % WITH ANNA when he says that you surely changed our perception of girls esp @ BIT.As i often said u are what i termed as a "STUD GIRL".

Arjun Rampal-Tata-Cycling-Painting-Singing-House-Quizzing-Debating are other things that i learnt over time to be your other obsessions, some of which i shared, while others i laughed at :P With interests ranging widely from anything and everything under the sun, you were one person whom i often referred to for suggestions for movies,books, series n all cool stuffs.

Thanks for the good times...

Ignoramus Scribbler said...

u have put me on d rewind mode shrill.where do i the first 3 sems when i used to see u taking part in quizzes wid d gods i used to think "kya bond ladki hai yaar har quiz me finals se neeche to dekhti hi nahi apna aisa din kab aayega".I never thought dat i wud ever get a call frm d seniors for taking part in a quiz wid dem dat too for SF but thanks(a very big one) to sneha who fortunately gave me a chance to enter the big league.If versatility has a synonym den its do u manage to excel in so many fields,andar se respect aa jaata hai boss.the way u love arjun and gregory i dont think i can match it when it comes to rahman....I used to laugh at thinking of u and lax using vaastu,.. to decide seating positions in a quiz but we always sticked to seating a row behind you :P it has been an amazing xperience goin on quizzing trips wid u,parterning you,gtalking,....will miss u a lot.can write a lot on d xperience i had wid u but abhi itna hi.kabhi quiz host karne ka chance mile boss to is bande ko yaad kar lena bahut kooda pada hai aur ab to aise bhi hibernation mode me aa gaya hoon.

opium said...

yahan "like" button kyun nahi hai?

manas.nayak said...

Quizzing also teaches us life skills to be precise.