Sunday, March 20, 2011


Imagine …...
What if we Homo sapiens had no rods and cones(photo receptor cells) to see the colours..Imagine what if the only colours we could see would be black and white?
Why would Google name its browser CHROME and what would the logo of WINDOWS look like?... 4 plain boxes??
Why would Beatles have given the hit “ the yellow submarine?” or how would be humming our desi hit “Neele neele ambar…”
How would the doctors see the Red Blood cells and figure out the yellow disease of Jaundice?
Why would we hanker after Red meat,Red wine,Chocolate cake,Saffron Lassi??
We would not be spending hours on deciding which colour car to buy?
We would not be spending that extra money to get a bright coloured mobile phone..
You could get your house coloured in black and white?
Vehicles would be bumping into each other as Traffic signal would have no meaning…no green,no yellow and no Red…
What would you gift your Girlfriend?
A white rose or a black one?
What would a bride be in?A black and white “joda”? What would happen to the red vermillion on her hair?
What about the intricate and lustrous Gold jewellery?
Though Men would be thanking that they now don’t have to wait hours while their spouses decided which colour dress to buy or put on…
But then How would India be “men in blue” and Pakistan “in green”?
How would you support the RED DEVILS and THE BLUES?
What fun would it be to see a football match without RED card and YELLOW card?
What would business be like?
No PINK slip,no RED herring prospectus,no BLUE print,no YELLOW pages and most importantly no GREENBACK.
Though Business suits would still be the same formal black and white with black and white ties.

What fun would it be watching AVATAR and Harry Potter in a dual chrome mode? What fun would Parle POPPINS and Cadbury GEMS be?How distinctly different would the SUPERMAN,BATMAN,SPIDERMAN and GREEN GOBLIN be?Why would young Girls dress themselves as some PINK fairy in the fancy dress competition?
Why would the teacher be teaching you Rainbow and later go on to teach you Dispersion and Newton’s and Rayleigh’s experiment with spectrum?(Though that would reduce the syllabus a lot)
How easy it would be to tell mom that u’ve spilled ink from your fountain pen and not ketchup?
Crayons would have no meaning..

Why would Grandma worship NEELKANTH ? and why would she be watching “baalika vadhu” on COLOURS channel.
Why would I be here writing this post had I not got a holiday on the occasion of “HOLI”?
Imagine a life without so many hues?
But luckily most of us can see and enjoy these various hues..
Yet there are a lot amongst us who cannot see ..who don’t know what colours look like…who don’t know what HOLI is like..



sophoannotating said...

nice sneha .... :)

nidhi said...

nice !!simple bt yet captivating :)

Ritwik said...

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.. :P

Ritwik said...

But yes on a serious note.. the whole idea of organ donation should be endorsed by everyone who is fit to do so.. keeping aside all their rituals and their ideals on the act of passage.

Anonymous said...

nice work.. simple way of saying a small thing.. im a fan :)