Sunday, April 3, 2011

I came ..I saw ..They conquered..

As the entire nation has been painted in the euphoria of the Indian Cricket team winning and bringing the "Cup that counts" home and as the media is fully catching up with this well deserved long awaited frenzy..I decided why not do the same...
I know there are some thousands blogs sprouting simultaneously on the same subject..
All this a catharsis to yesterday’s victory....
I am frankly no big cricket follower..i know nothing about IPL(and frankly don’t want to)
I give a damn to any match going on that doesn’t involve my country.
I am what as guys would love to describe “a typical Indian girl” who still has difficulty understanding inside edge,long on,mid off,slip,silly gully and all those stuffs..
I am just one of those nondescript persons in the crowd who want their country to win..
And definitely win against Pakistan...I admire Sachin Tendulkar as any one in the country for his amazing brilliance with the bat and the utter humble conduct
And yes I take great pride like any other Ranchiite
“ hey you know what Dhoni is my neighbour and we studied in the same school”
I am like thousands out there who will either wear the same coloured T they wore last time because India won...will eat the same food in between the breaks because India won the last time they practised that..and definitely will or will not sit in front of the TV set when their favourite team is batting..In my case its a bit extreme..I believe my presence is cursed and so I don’t watch my country batting..So,It happened in the Finals yesterday..sitting at the edge of my chair on the computer refreshing score card on cric info and listening to the cheers and despondent sighs of folks watching the match outside.
Last few balls when India seemed destined to win I came ..I saw and they conquered..
It was then that I experienced the euphoria and rejoiced the moment..
It was great listening to Kumara Sangakkara’s eloquent speech after which I was told that he is a law student wonder..where all that acumen and words flow..
Another great point to note was apna Dhoni’s speech he said "had we lost out I would have been asked why sreesanth not ashwin?yuvraj singh why not at number 4 despite his form ..there are plenty of questions?” and when asked about his run bank he said
“I had a point to prove not to others but to myself..”
That is what makes people great..they remain unaffected by criticism..they care not what people have to say about them..We fans are really impractical..
For instance when Nehra gave away runs in the match against South Africa we lambasted him..
This takes me back to the 2003 world cup
India had a horrid beginning to the tournament, their first match was against minnows Holland, who tumbled the Indian batsmen out for just 204 but India ended up winning by 68 runs, the unconvincing victory setting the stage for immense criticism. The next match on India's list was against world champions Australia. The Indian team, batting first..India were out for 125. Australia scored the target in 22.2 overs, only losing one wicket. The Indian performances in the first two matches triggered uproar within India, player effigies were said to be burnt on streets

India moved and won the next matches against Zimbabwe and Namibia. India finished off the Pool Stage with an 82 run victory over England and a 6 wicket victory over Pakistan. Ashish Nehra achieved 6/23 against England to help India defend 250 as England were all out for 168.

That reminds me of the very famous lines from Julius Caesar when Antony remarks
“The evil that men do lives after them,The good is oft interred(buried) with their bones”

Its very easy for us to pontificate and say how this shot should have been played,or how that ball should have been chased..or how that extra leap should have been taken to grab the ball..
The worst was 2007 world Cup when public’s wrath knew no end
India's World Cup campaign started disastrously, as they lost to Bangladesh in the opener, leaving them with two must-win matches in their group. India next scored 413 against Bermuda India won the game by 257 runs, and this left them to beat tournament favorites Sri Lanka. Due to their loss to Bangladesh, India's presence in the tournament depended on them defeating Sri Lanka.
At the Queen's Park Oval at Trinidad, on 23 March, the Indian pace bowlers made early inroads, dismissing the danger men,the Sri Lankan innings ended for 254 for the loss of 6 wickets.
The Indians batting crumbled against the Sri Lankan bowling attack, India were all out for only 185, considered surprising given India's batting strength and the batting-friendly nature of the Queen's Park Oval. With one victory and two losses, India were hence knocked out of the World Cup. It was also the first time since 1992 that the Indian cricket team failed to progress to the latter stages of the tournament.
After the debacle, there were several attacks on players homes and protests by infuriated fans, especially in Bangalore and Mumbai.Such volatile can we be ..Fans even burnt posters of GOD.

No wonder the cricketers say so morosely in the Birla Sun Life Insurance advt “Jab tak Balla hai that hai” ( Glory will stay till runs emanate out of the bat)

“A critic is someone who never actually goes to the battle, yet who afterwards comes out shooting the wounded”
So I learn a lesson here..bouquets and brickbats will always be there what matters most is BELIEF in yourself and your decisions..
With great power ..comes great responsibility..
Thanks to you men in blue for having braved fan pressure and performing "bleedingly" well

Here’s a lovely piece from the movie ratatouille by where the critic confesses his job as

“ In many ways the work of a critic is easy, we risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves our judgement,we thrive on negative criticism which is fond to write and to read...but the bitter truth that we critics must face is that in the grand scheme of things the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating itself and there are times when a critic truly risks something and that is in the discovery and defence of the new ...the world is often unkind to the new talent ,new creation but new needs friends....”


Vrudijones said...

Splendid! Antony's quote fit in perfectly.
Fan I am of the title too.
Feels bad when fans go the unnecessary extra distance.
And every time I think about cricket, I try and predict what'll happen when Sachin retires. How will India cope with that? I am sure we'll find an almost-replacement, but we'll struggle to come to terms with his absence in the game. I'm sad.

But a must-read post. Thanks for this one!

Ritwik said...

"pontificate"!!! i had to check the dictionary for this one.. :P
i totally agree to the critic view.. but i guess thats their job... but what i cant come to terms with is the media's fickle gullible twosided bitchery(not butchery, bitchery!)..!!! yuvi .. before the toruny.. the same guy who interviewed him today asked him openly in the pressconference "why should you be in the team.. u havent performed. have no runs no wickets.. why.. dont you think its favouritism"!!! yuvi" umm... i think i'm an experienced player.. (drinks water)and now im playing an important role with the ball..(coughs) i think mujhe team mein rakh saktein hain shayad.."... and now look at the same people.. how do they even face the mirror..

abhisek said...

as always i m a fan.............

funky-philosopher said...

love the closing line from ratatouille... one of d most sensible movies ever... and i'm all in for these: "I am frankly no big cricket follower..i know nothing about IPL(and frankly don’t want to)
I give a damn to any match going on that doesn’t involve my country.
I am what as guys would love to describe “a typical Indian girl” who still has difficulty understanding inside edge,long on,mid off,slip,silly gully and all those stuffs.."
i truly empathize wid ur jinx, owing to mine - i went bak to typing my training report after Sachin was out... :P
true, i think critics in d media are 'bin pendi ka lotaas' sadly they never 'over-appreciate', but are always up for 'over-thrashing'.
(the blog is good as usual, i wont be a critic of it anyway :P)

Anonymous said...

better and better .. :)

anish said...

Awesome and compelling read indeed!
but, the way you have described about the stints of the indian cricket team in the previous two editions leaves me confused if you surely don't follow cricket closely!!

Anyways, you got a great blog going here! Keep writing and great to go through the beautiful pieces written by a fellow Ranchiite!!