Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Oh Krishna!
Thou art great.
As an adult or in your childhood state.
 The naughty son,  Balaram’s brotherly fun
 Dwarka’s chosen one, with the eternal Sudarshan
The way you stand,with your body so sinuous
As if to remind us to be flexible and never fuss
 With that mellifluous flute you enchanted as Murli Manohar
 You have been worshipped as the dark faced Shyam Sundar
Why do people in this world not realise?
That being dark is not a vice
 While Yamuna was poisoned by the Kalia, killing your herdsmen
 The scene is no different today again,with toxins in the country’s den
Your message was clear even then
To worship and respect environment at Govardhan
 For nature around us should be resurrected
 Not some officious leader like Indra respected.
A friend to Sudama, provider to the penniless impoverished
We need that bounty again, as our vaults are famished
 The wonders of your flirtatious dance with the maidens of Dwarka
 But that true love for your soulmate Radhika
That one time when you married 16000 maidens
Only to restore their honour back,after Narakasura’s violation
 An epitome of a man you were
Saving Draupadi’s honour during that horrific stir
The situation is no different today
As thousands of them are disrobed and perpetrators walk away
 From Mahabharata we need that strategist, and that warrior
 That pragmatic leader and seer that even bravest fear
The country is again in conflict
With many forces internal and external betwixt
 Where are you dear Lord? Will you come down to earth?
 Or are atheists right? You had never really taken birth.

 In your delusion your Meera will be
Timelessly waiting for thee.
Waiting for the next Janmaashtami

This painting is the original work of artist Mukta Gupta

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