Friday, August 30, 2013


Thank you Readers!
And a special thanks to the online world ,where anyone of us can be catapulted to the fame.
And with my limited fame comes the self-award function.With the award function comes the necessary 
Thank You speech.
Or maybe the metaphysical part of my brain is wired to thank so as to attract more good things in life.
As spiritual thinkers say gratitude is a law of attraction .
Never mind the overdose goes my speech....
I am thankful to you for making Shrill's no frills blog hit 20000 mark.
I know the blog could have garnered more hits had I publicised it well with  attractive photos of sunny celebrities.(note the pun)
But who cares? I believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
When I started blogging in 2006,it was merely a fad.
Blogspot didn't have the autosave feature then and I remember having lost my contents to power cuts as my PC then didn't have the UPS functioning.
Since 2006 it has been a gradual journey where I have rambled about various things  .
The  idea is not to stay limited in  life. I have to keep expanding my horizon of thought.
So I have tried never to  limit my range in my writings.
Of course hues of social issues have been often painted in my posts.
But I have tried humour as well. 
Frankly I don't want to be the greatest blogger. Blogging for me is more of a catharsis and a creative exercise.
Ever since I read about Theory of multiple intelligences,I am driven by the urge to be adept at all of them.
And there in lies the problem of being a  Polymath .
Wannabe Polymaths have always admired Benjamin Franklin ,Leonardo da Vinci, and Newton(my first post was dedicated to him)  and the likes who never limited their realm of thought. 
I want to be a blogger,singer,traveler,engineer, friend, entrepreneur,geek, yogi, environmentalist,economist, athelete, quizzer,pianist, philosopher ,a change maker and hundred things I don't even know of.
So I will keep my promise and continue to write about everything under the sun and beyond as I keep unravelling them.
Till then be unlimited .
As shrill keep listening!


Anonymous said...

You're welcome :P

Anonymous said...

" I've made the most important discovery of my life. It's only in the mysterious equation of love that any logic or reasons can be found. I'm only here tonight because of you. You are the only reason I am... you are all my reasons."

I was actually waiting for something from this quote in this blog!

Please keep writing! Your writings have an extraordinary verve..

Rewa Smriti said...

I am sorry as since long time i was out of station due to some emergency so missed to read so many things here. Now am your post and love your shrill voices too.