Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saddest Soliloquy

It is just so difficult to follow mathematics. I hate Algebra. Damn It! I haven't even memorised the volume formulae of cubes,cones and sphere. Inshallah Allah! These shouldn't be asked in the tests. Once the test is over ; we shall break for tiffin and I will eat Ammi Jaan's made mutton biryani. Yesterday she made me study so much,today I will definitely go home and play cricket out in the fields with Bashir. There is also some good anime to be shown on Cartoon Network if Abbu lets me watch it , and not sit down with his News on Paktv.
Ufff..Here comes the teacher. "Allah , please please let the questions be easy!! Please Please"
Okay so the first question that I can read on board  is 5 taps fill 7 litre  of water tank in 9 hours . In how many hours can 4 taps fill half the tank.   I hope my pen is working. This seems to be an easy question. The answer is ..........  .
Just a minute  "Why is Nila raising her hand? Oh,damn she already has doubts in the second question. "Riaz come on hurry," I say to myself.
   All of a sudden where is this sound coming from?
5 loud bangs. This is not the time for fire crackers. Oh my God! I can hear people shouting. The teacher asks us to continue writing test. She is gone but we can all sense the frenzy in the air. Bilal and front benchers rush to the door. There is too much of running around and stamping on the floor above.
" Gunshots " Bilal screams .
"There is an attack"Bilal cries again prying from the door to the groud in front of him  .
 "Ammi Jaan Abbu Jaan ,Please save us , Please save me"
" I want to go home and play. I was telling Ammi Jaan that I had a stomach ache. I wish I could have been at home"
Oh Teacher is back but why is she so afraid?
Teacher bolting the classroom from inside" Children hide below your desks"
We all make space under the desk but there is far too much of noise around with desks being shifted.
A man opens the classroom door with a jolt. Oh He has a machine gun,much like Abbu has in his army camps.
"No he just shot teacher"
"DRrrrrrrrrrrrr Drrrrrrrrrrrrrr Drrrrrrrrrrrr" He has shot the entire first two rows  .
 "Ammi Nooooooo"
"I dont want to die like Araf just did".
"Allah just save me"
These people ,who are they? They are in uniform like Abu"
Men in uniform crying out to children," Come out you rest of children,Follow me to the auditorium,Just shut up and come out"
Ohhh.. I must go to the auditorium. Maybe I will be safe. But I don't want to die. "Allah please protect me"
I leave the classroom just realising that I am still breathing while walking on the pool of blood. Nila had just finished answering her second question and now she is dead.
As I am making my way out of class ,along with my classmates I can see some 30 students from the second floor with their hands up making their way to the auditorium. Maybe these Shaitans
will spare us. Maybe they will just kidnap us. Maybe I just turned lucky. May be I will live to see Ammi and Abbu.
    Why are we all being asked to queue up outside the auditorium? What did these men get by shooting?
I cant just stop crying.
"Oh No... What is this?? Who is this person in fire? How did the person catch fire? I can only hear howls,shrieks and cries all around.
  " What!!! What!! So many armed gunmen? Oh no This guy has already taken out his gun again parallel to the ground. What is he aiming at?"
"Oh no...Drrrrrrrrrrrrr Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.."
Did he just shoot the first queue.
There are twenty of us in this queue. Are we going to end up the same way? But why?
 Abbu!! Ammi !! Please Save me Abbu!!

 The next day journalists reach Riaz's class to see how humanity died that day in Peshawar's Army public School.

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