Tuesday, January 6, 2015

You let me down, Saina!

I am a badminton enthusiast! It is one of the simplest games to understand and one of the most difficult games to excel in. From long waits at queued public badminton courts to actually hitting that smash ,I personally feel I have grown better at the game with time. Badminton is a game testing agility and reflexes . Needless to say,it is also a great aerobic exercise.
  Just like many others,I considered Saina my ideal and my inspiration. A small town girl,whose parents migrated to Hyderabad to fulfill her dream of becoming a raquet roarer . They could barely afford her training.but Saina with her single minded dedication and commitment rose to become a star. Thanks to Saina ,a lot of girls like me took to  badminton raquet and decided to play. That's what sports icons do . They Inspire. I particularly loved it when Saina said no to endorsements before the Olympics because she wanted to focus on her game. Who would have let go such a gold harvesting opportunity?
 The elan with which she revered her ideal Sachin Tendulkar. The reverence that she has had for Gopi Sir. She said that the reason why she had  to withdraw from his coaching was to help Gopichand train other budding stars.The fiery girl with composed disposition on court recently smashed shuttles  in the wrong court. This wrong court was that of awards. Why this fracas for an award??
  Come on Saina,a gracious girl like you doesn't deserve this squabble. You are an Olympic medallist.
You've done us proud at Commonwealth Games, Asian games,Uber Cup and a lot of others. Look,great people don't ask for awards. Awards come to them. You should have known it all the way. Sachin has never asked for it. Amir Khan has rejected a few. Kailash Satyarthi never gave importance to who filed his nomination for the Nobel Prize. Noted journalist P. Sainath rejected Padma Shri. Tagore said no to knighthood. Atalji never asked for the Bharat Ratna. There are so many examples . Even your Gopi Sir won the Padma Bhushan only recently in 2014.Great people do great things to set an example,not to seek attention.Girls like you have been brand ambassadors of girl child education and empowerment. Why drag yourself in this dirty controversy of awards? You need to hold your head high. It would have come to you sooner or later.
  Saina,I am terribly disappointed by your conduct. You have let me down. This is clearly a bad example of sportsmanship. This is no humility.It is a situation very similar to those that petty politicians put themselves into. My worst fear is,the authorities granting you the award after your hue and cry. From what one reads  in the news ,there are other athletes who have joined the fray and have started to demand that their plea be considered for the awards. Seriously is this how we are preparing for 2016 Olympics?
 Just an advice to you Saina

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