Monday, March 30, 2015


The pain was excruciating
I felt my pharynx stifling
The tonsils felt like large bells 
The pain looked like it would never quell

I realized that this was sickness in passing
Applied for leave with a feeling foreboding
Not being able to speak
Could really get any woman weak

However. inspired by Stephen Hawking
I ruminated on philosophy and theory of String
Cyberslacked and checked random facebook profiles
Liked every possible meme mentioned in the digital file

Gazed through the online seas of  fashion style
Surfing WebMD on my illness once in a while
Tried to watch a couple of  movies,series on the go 
Only to discover whatsapp notification had broken the flow

Leisure it was listening to classical vocals croon
Drug overdose and slumber left me to swoon
Husband's happiness hid behind the light
Of course speech deprived wife is every married man's delight

Advice came from everywhere galore
Gargle, home remedies and even neck contraptions were sure
In these moments of silence,
as I faced my inner resilience

I realised how nagging yet crucial our voice is
Which so often makes others' p!$$
When in excess speech is an abscess
And similar is an extension of silence; a stress

If we were to learn how to attain equanimity
Speech would hardly be a measure of felicity
In this day and age when everyone wants a sound byte 
How can  Thomas Carlyle be believed to be right

"Silence moulds great lives" he had said
He should be asked to sit and watch TV news instead
Gone are the days where thinkers thought 
Today is the day where action and brashness is bought

Dear Almighty(if thou really art there)
I have reflected enough and took requisite care
"Speech might be silver and Silence golden"
I want the cheaper of the two as my purse strings embolden

If I could only pass this spell of silence on somebody
No I would not do that to my  one and only hubby 
It would be the roaring miscreant of the Television 
Arnab is his name  and Timesnow is his harrowing creation

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