Friday, June 26, 2015

Moments in Maximum City

This city always leaves me in a tizzy. As a resident of small town , I admire the awesome aspects of this city and despise the aweful aspects as well. It's always great to be in the pulsating place called Mumbai . She is so full of life. She is so rich in culture. She hardly sleeps. She is so friendly and yet so professional. She is so expensive and I better not speak about the long commutation ,arduous train rides and long traffic jams. She is starry and yet so common man friendly . She is indeed Maximum with unlimited  mayhem and merriment.
   This time I happened to stop over at Prithvi theatre and cafe at Juhu.
The ambience of this kitschy open hangout  makes it a perfect place to hangout with your close friends and discuss matters of art that are close to your heart. It is also one places to spot the finest plays and dramas. And boy! I was lucky to meet none other than Mr. Shashi Kapoor who founded the theatre. He was accompanied by the amateur flautist Suhas Joshi who was mesmerising the people with his mellifluous flute
And here have I penned the experience of seeing the actor who recently won the DadaSahab Phalke Awards for his many a charming portrayals of character.
 He who immortalised the dialogue"Mere paas Ma hai" with a new found proclamation that was much more emotional than any filmy "I love you"

It was hard to see the effect of time.
as bells in the theatre did chime,
There he stood dressed in Black
Resting on the wheelchair back
The hero of yesteryears had drooped
He sat immobile and little moved
Few came near to him and waved him "Hi!"
Others came to say him goodbye
Once in a while the hero did smile
As if to say to others it had been a while
Thank You all for remembering me
Time is precious and not as endless as sea
He was counting his years,we all could judge
Young and old are facts of life you cannot fudge
So live a life and let it be
Come once and see him at Prithvi

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funky-philosopher said...

hey, how wonderfully put... so lucky you met this brilliant actor at a great time!! the "mere pass ma hai" still strikes a chord n moves the heart :)